Zn 5 x sitting & standing

Throughout my training history, ive always done zone 5, 3-5 min intervals, 100% sitting. Today, i was doing them on a pitchy hill that made sense to sit and stand during the interval depending on the steeper pitches. Completely crushed them. They were still hard, no doubt, but power was more closer to the top of the zone.

Did i make the efforts easier by adding in some standing? Seemed like maybe.

What say you, should these interval be done 100% sitting? Or is mixing it up with some out of the saddle good too?

I’ve always subscribed to training like you race. If you stand while racing then stand in training.

If you’re not racing, or planning on it, then do whatever makes you enjoy your riding more .

IMO climbing technique, stand v sit, is a personal preference. I have a knee issue so sitting for me is ‘better’ but I also stand when I can to offload some fatigue in the muscles and lower the RPE.

My opinion, find what works for you and keep doing that