Cadence and stand up training on intervals

I train for Mountain biking and in that sport the cadence very much, and standing up and sitting down also vary much. So I amvary between those things in my intervals. Ex. on an long interval i am doing 1 minute of 60 RPM standing, 1 minute of 70 RPM standing, 1 minute of 80 RPM sitting, 1 minute of 90 RPM sitting, 1 minute of 100 RPM sitting. Doing that over and over again.

Also in the short sprint I vary between standing up and sitting down.

I is for making the training on the home trainer looks as mush as possible to the training on the MTB.

But what are you thoughts about that ? do I need to follow another plan to do this, or is it okay to do it in the regular plans?

Thanks very much in advance :slight_smile:

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I would say that it was to be encouraged. Many of the workouts feature prompts suggesting that you do exactly that. You are right in your thinking that you should make your training as specific to your outdoor riding as possible, and so long as you are meeting the power targets for your workouts then you are only adding to the benefits of the workout.

I find that when mountain biking I often spin a very high cadence for short periods while standing, so you could perhaps include faster cadence standing intervals. Also key to mountain biking, especially on technical climbs, is a smooth transition between sitting and standing and cadence changes in order to prevent loss of rear wheel traction, so try to make the changes on the trainer as smooth as possible.


Good ideas IMHO. Train like you plan to race.

I use a mix of standing and low cadence work (also LC seated at times) to mimic what I know I face on the bike.

Use what you know about your needs (and possibly weaknesses) to shape the timing and style of your standing and seated work. Mix cadence as appropriate and make the training test you in ways you plan to experience.