Zipp Launches New 454 NSW, 404 Firecrest, 858 NSW Wheels

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Still as expensive as they are ugly IMO. I only know two people that own the older NSW, both of whom bought them for looks and wouldn’t be able to tell any performance difference anyway, and one guy had the rear wheel explode, so hopefully they’ve made them a bit stronger too


Tri- and TT-focused 858 NSW gets a hub update. Retail price is US$4,400

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Hmm. was considering a set of 303 FC’s for my gravel rig, now I’m tempted by the 404 FC’s… what is a guy to do?!?

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I see no advantage to a 404 on gravel…if anything, it would just beat you up more.

These wheels are just stoopid expensive. But as long as people keep buying $400 shoes and $10k bikes, Zipp will keep selling $4K wheelsets.

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You ride 26mm on gravel?

Optimized doesn’t mean any other size offers no aero benefit.

Sure, but I’m running 43, so if I’m spending $4K, I’m getting something optimized for a size much closer than 26. That’s why I asked.

Did I miss something? The FC’s are $4k? Also, is there a whee that claims it’s optimized for 38-42mm?

Ahh. Fair enough. I was thinking of the 454 price.

Enve G23 are optimized for 33-45. Granted, that’s a suspiciously wide range, but it’s bigger than 26.

I have to assume ENVE’s number is solely based on that internal width being best for those sizes. A 25mm deep rim is basically a box section rim. I gotta believe a 404FC would save a considerable wattage over the G23’s even with a 38-42mm tire.

Plus the 404FC’s are pretty even weight wise compared to the g23’s don’t see any reason to consider the G23’s in this case.