Anyone with Zipp 303

Is anyone using the New Zipp 303s or 303 firecrest wheels on a road bike (not a gravel bike).
I have read extensive reviews from sponsored websites, however very little from real world users.

My intended purpose is to use them on as a road bike wheel. The roads here are smooth good quality bitumen.

Would the wheels be good for this or are they intended as a mixed surface wheel? Any real world feed back appreciated!

Kind regards

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Yes I have a set of 303s as my road wheels for my do everything bike.

First time tubeless for me, setup was easy but I did need to use a charged device to pop the tyres on the bead. I adapted a £10 garden weed sprayer.

Conti tyres aren’t currently reccomended for use by Conti because of the hookless rim design. I have Schwalbe Ones on mine.

Ride feel is so smooth, still fast and even the smoothest of roads feel better. I have also dropped my pressure to 40-50psi (I’m 60kg)