Zero Friction Cycling efficiency data for SRAM flat top chains

I don’t want to spoil this vid, but a lot of the video is spent talking about other-than-SRAM chain compatibility with SRAM drive trains.

All speed factors quoted for cleaned & lubed chains (not factory grease)
($$$$)SRAM XXSL → Speed factor comparable to Axis Road Red, not as good as Campy, Shimano Ultegra, Shimano Dura Ace
($$$)SRAM XX → Speedfactor same as XXSL
($$)SRAM XO → Speed factor better than XXSL, XX. Same as Ultegra/Dura Ace

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Would rather you would so I don’t have to watch it


:+1: :joy: Understood. Well the results are right there in the image, if it helps.


Haha I’m so grateful to him for all he does, but I think he’s the only youtuber that has ever made me consider starting my own youtube channel. It would literally just be 5 minute summaries of his videos, released a few days after each of his. I’d aim to be to him what Lanterne Rouge is to the full broadcast of a world tour race :joy:


Could someone who’s not sitting at work trying to read the graph off their phone summarise please, is the Transmission chain faster than an XTR chain?

Does it last as long as the old SRAM chains?

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Graph summary: Campagnolo or YBN chains are the fastest!

I watched some of the video.

Conclusion for an SRAM rider: don’t use a different chain because the AXS system sprockets are designed to fit with the flat top chain’s larger rollers. A Dura Ace or other regular chain would see the Sram sprockets like worn out sprockets and you might have skipping.

The more expensive Sram chain was the fastest Sram chain.

And, don’t ride on factory lube if you care about watts. Properly lubed/waxed, the fastest Sram chain was as fast as Dura Ace / Ultegra.


Opposite? For road the cheaper Force chain uses less power than the Red chain. Thought it was the same for the new Transmission chains.


Yes the cheaper XO Transmission is faster than the XXSL. I wish I had known before i bought a spare.


Yep. Cheapest was fastest. Because SRAM cares about their customers. Or maybe they just don’t know how to design a good chain. I can’t tell which.


I could have got it backwards but they were testing mountain bike chains here. The whole XO, XXO, XOSL, whatever are still greek to me.

Yes, the cheaper SRAM chains, when tested by Ceramic Speed, lose less power when stripped and wax lubed. The factory grease is terrible.

Some small watt differences on the road chains, between Shimano drivetrain and SRAM drivetrain.

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