Z2 rides high volume adaptive training

Currently on high volume build short power. Adaptive training works fine, but only gives me very easy Z2 rides. They’re rated around 1. My endurance level is 3.2

Workouts in other zones get adapted to levels slightly above my current; Z2 do not. Is this working as intended?

These midweek endurance rides are not meant to be as progressive week-over-week as your tougher rides, but they are not intended to be completely ignored for adaptations, either. We recently found some unexpected behavior going on with how certain midweek endurance rides are handled by Adaptive Training, and our engineers are working on fine-tuning it.

interesting, I had always assumed the mid week endurance rides did not adapt, at least they never have with me. Figured they were meant to be there for recovery and not necessarily for adapting. Which isn’t an issue for me, I end up freely subbing them for different stuff as I feel fit,

Thanks for the reply. Not really a big issue, but good to know.