Your FTP improvements

Height is 190cm/6’2”.
Weight loss was a big factor earlier on. I definitely lost a lot of fat, but also a lot upper body muscle. I used “look stronger” by classic standards, although I am clearly as fit as I have ever been. Still the visual change may not be for everyone, as I am pretty slender now.
I am doing 8 to 11 hours weekly, progressing in intensity and volume in 4 week blocks and an easier week at the end. FTP test every 8 weeks. 450 to 600 TSS usually.


I did a ramp test today and I scored a 300! Very excited.

I started with TrainerRoad on October 31st, 2017 with an FTP of 222. Since then, I’ve done countless FTPs tests. Often only gaining 3-5 watts, or even dropping 3-5 watts. However, I’ve slowly managed to keep building towards my ultimate goal of hitting 300 and today it happened. Just in time for the cancelled cyclocross season :smiley:


First FTP Test Today on Traineroad - after a Road Race on Sunday, Rest on Monday, Tuesday and FTP Test Today was feeling strong.

Have been an “outside” rider until recently, with a few weeks of illness thrown in at the start of my first training block. Managed a 253 to 281 FTP Increase at 60kg (4.7 watts per kg).

Happy with that - eyes on 300 and pumped to see when TR will get me there!


Amazing numbers at your weight!

I will soon do my second TR ramp test. So far I’ve improved from 238 on Sufferfest earlier this year after a bad motorcycle crash in February. Have some experience training, but this is the first time i’m trianing with structure for cycling.

First 6 weeks of TR will be done tuesday the 3rd of November. Just over a week from now. Will report back then. I feel strong, legs have visibly changed, will go all out.


I started cycling in June 2019. Newbie gains were relatively good until December.
I did a whole bunch of long outdoor rides with friends smashing ourselves up every climb, then the autumn arrived and Zwifting became more and more prevalent for my midweek sessions. After January Trainerroad made up most of my training volume and by July I gained another 15W… But more importantly my muscle endurance improved a whole bunch.
Unfortunately I crashed in August when I found some unexpected dirt on a fast corner… admittedly I got the KOM on the descent so it’s not like I didn’t deserve to crash…

The shock and road rash kept me off the road for two months
Now I’m at it again hoping to push past the 265W barrier

Height 5’9

Date FTP W/kg
June 2020 First Ramp Test 166 2.3
July 2020 End Zwift FTP Builder 197 2.9
September 2020 End of TR Oly Tri Base 218 3.2
October 2020 End of TR Oly Tri Build 231 3.4

Super happy with my results in such a short amount of time. Thank you TrainerRoad!


Since the start of TR


I started trainer road July 21,2020
I had done an outside 8 minute test on July 4th and was at 275. It might have been set to high, some reason I decided to roll with it for sweet spot base 2. At the end of that block my first ramp test was a lot different than what I thought it was, my pacing wasn’t that great. Now Each time I do the ramp test I feel more confident for the next one!

After ssb2MV 270
End of gbMV first block… 285
After the second month of gbMV… 290

I missed a couple workouts the second week of the second month in build (life happens)
I’m still pretty happy where I’m at, I feel a lot stronger and able to repeat these efforts.
With hopes of racing there were a couple races that might have happened but since they are now canceled. I’m going back to ssb1mv and going to build this fitness!


I started structured training (for cycling) last year in December targeting a SUB8h time on a 300km ride in June this year (which obviously was cancelled). Before that I did some “coffey-shop-riding” (or should we say pub) with the boys, however nothing serious. That was more or less what I did for the last 5 years. Alltough, I do have a history of hard structured training (being in the national team in orienteering and cross-country running as a kid, but that was 12Y ago).

So, all of the below from the Zwift ramp test:

Dec 2019: 250W, ~3W/kg (83kg).
Jan 2020: 290W, 3.6W/kg (80kg)
March 2020: 310W, 4W/kg (78kg)
May 2020: 330W, 4.4W/kg (75kg)

And in June I pretty much managed to “reach my FTP” when hunting KOMs on longer Strava segments.

During rest of the summer I focused more on other stuff and currently train with an FTP of 290W with a few kg more than in May :smiley:
Would be cool to reach the 5W/kg FTP threshold next season, however not priority numero uno!


Some good progress here from the last few months
Ramp test August 19th 218
Have manually bumped up as I felt it needed in between ramp tests.
Finished SSB2 with FTP at 230 then ramp test after that came out at 225 on 28th September. Ignored that and continued at 230 then bumped to 240 when I felt like I was increasing workout % more often then not.
Halfway through sustained build and ramp test today was my first ramp win in a while with 243.
Super happy with progress. Focusing on keeping the same consistency over the upcoming months with a XCM in mid January.


Thats a funny combination for me, as 300w isn’t quite off the couch, but it doesn’t require a lot of focused riding to for me to hit that in 20 minute protocol. Hitting 4.0 (6-3, and ranging between 184 and 205lbs) THAT takes focus.

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Made some good progress after hitting a plateau during the spring. Gained 14 watts the last 8 weeks and went from 326 to 340 watts. Never been above 334 ever before, so i’m really pleased with myself.
Now it’s time to keep the focus and aim towards next summer maybe doing some races.


Sagan is ~73-75kg! Not sure you qualify as “TheFatSagan” anymore :smile:

Maybe “TheSlowSagan” :wink:

Great progress!

Date Load 6Week [TSS] Weight [W/kg] FTP [W] W/kg
03.10.2018 58 96.70 270 2.79
09.11.2018 114 95.10 260 2.73
11.11.2018 114 95.10 260 2.73
24.01.2019 124 95.90 275 2.87
26.01.2019 124 95.90 285 2.97
15.03.2019 214 94.00 307 3.27
30.05.2019 55 94.10 274 2.91
09.06.2019 88 92.60 290 3.13
20.12.2019 235 93.30 313 3.35
18.02.2020 130 93.70 299 3.19
22.02.2020 161 93.90 308 3.28
12.04.2020 336 91.10 314 3.45
25.05.2020 311 91.50 321 3.51
13.10.2020 404 87.30 328 3.76
16.10.2020 404 86.90 330 3.80

Here is my history. My previous experience was only commuting (14km per day…) and some strength training. I was quite inconsistent with my triaining in 2019, still I went from 260W to 313 in that year. 2020 I dropped some weight and increased the FTP to 330W. My goal is now to keep this weight of 87kg, but improve the FTP to 340+ W. Next year I could maybe hit 4.5W/kg if cycling only. Or I start with Olympic Triathlon and focus more on running and aero riding.


Quarantine progress below:

After reaching an all-time weight of 220 lbs during the initial lockdown, I forced myself back into structured training after a 1.5-2 year hiatus. The weeks through Aug’20 were at an intentional 500+/day calorie deficit. While I was able to cut some low hanging wins via weight, my workouts were rough, I was sore all the time, and realized no noticeable FTP jump. In retrospect, a deficit this large was too much too soon. I believe that time would have been better spent fueling and getting stronger.

A few months ago I started fueling better on the bike and focused less on calorie intake and more on feel and supplemented my vegetarian diet with protein recovery drinks. I also added supplementary endurance workouts to the mid-volume plans to hit ~10hrs/wk on the bike. My performance has felt great, and fatigue has really only been an issue when accommodating a new FTP.

Heading into the winter, I plan to drop another 3-4 lbs to hit race weight of 190 (holidays permitting…). I will increase weekly volume to 12 hours while maintaining the structured mid-volume training schedule. Hope to be 4 w/kg by the new year!

Date Lbs Cut FTP Bump W/kg Plan TSS
4/14/2020 210 0.0 265 0 2.78 184
4/21/2020 210 0.0 265 0 2.78 376
4/28/2020 208 (2.0) 265 0 2.80 388
5/5/2020 208 0.0 265 0 2.80 412
5/12/2020 207 (1.0) 265 0 2.82 239
5/19/2020 207 0.0 270 5 2.87 GBMV 458
5/26/2020 206 (1.0) 270 0 2.88 GBMV 522
6/2/2020 206 0.0 270 0 2.88 GBMV 475
6/9/2020 204 (2.0) 270 0 2.91 GBMV 362
6/16/2020 204 0.0 270 0 2.91 GBMV 374
6/23/2020 204 0.0 270 0 2.91 GBMV 503
6/30/2020 203 (1.0) 275 5 2.98 GBMV 422
7/7/2020 203 0.0 275 0 2.98 GBMV 588
7/14/2020 203 0.0 275 0 2.98 GBMV 482
7/21/2020 202 (1.0) 275 0 3.00 GBMV 497
7/28/2020 202 0.0 275 0 3.00 GBMV 377
8/4/2020 200 (2.0) 298 23 3.28 SSMV 448
8/11/2020 200 0.0 298 0 3.28 SSMV 405
8/18/2020 200 0.0 298 0 3.28 SSMV 434
8/25/2020 200 0.0 298 0 3.28 SSMV 635
9/1/2020 198 (2.0) 298 0 3.31 SSMV 424
9/8/2020 198 0.0 315 17 3.50 SPMV 651
9/15/2020 198 0.0 315 0 3.50 SPMV 587
9/22/2020 198 0.0 315 0 3.50 SPMV 575
9/29/2020 198 (0.5) 315 0 3.51 SPMV 438
10/6/2020 197 (0.5) 315 0 3.52 SPMV 461
10/13/2020 196 (1.0) 335 20 3.76 SPMV 565
10/20/2020 195 (1.0) 335 0 3.78 CXMV 370

Wasn’t very strong today unfortunately, 250 -> 256 FTP. Wasn’t feeling great last few days, I think I can do better. But for now i’ll just go through the next 6 week fase.


Baseline: 189W - 3.15W/kg
After SSBLV1: 211W (+11.64%) - 3.52W/kg
After SSBLV2: 224W (+6.16%) - 3.73W/kg
Mid GBLV: 233W (+4.02%) - 3.88W/kg
After GBLV: 230W (-1.29%) - 3.83W/kg
“Mid” Specialty Climbing Road Race LV: 230W (0.00%) - 3.83W/kg
After SSBLV2 (2nd time): 235W (+2.17%) - 3.92W/kg

Since I don’t race, I jumped ship right before the taper week of Specialty Climbing Road Race LV and went back to SSBLV2 to simply maintain my fitness. Was able to squeeze out a 5W increase this time around. It’s probably a byproduct of the SSBLV2 program and some additional recovery, but what also could’ve contributed was doing the ramp test “blind”. Didn’t pay attention to time, power, or even cadence until I blew up.


314W @ 168lbs = 4.12 W/kg @2nd November 2020
Was 304 @163lbs = 4.10 W/kg @ May 11th 2020

Its been an interesting year, not been following a continuous plan and its all been base type workouts since May. Had various weeks off due to work and life. Tried some build plans Jan to April but wasnt prepared or couldn’t accommodate with life stress so went a bit backwards so stuck to more base workouts all summer
I didnt decrease my FTP settings during the summer as was a bit stubborn and was just doing Z2 - sweetspot workouts so pushed myself to recover to the same level. I thought i was going to be going backwards since the period May - Aug was so turbulent but i then started a SS90 progression and its really helped the last 4-5 weeks. Was hoping to have just maintained FTP but i went up so am very happy.

My FTP test on 18th Nov 2019 for reference was 264W @ 173lbs 3.35 W/Kg
So by doing around 7 hours per week doing 90%+ of my time on a trainer, i’ve increased FTP by 50W in just under a year
I was down to 163 lbs and that is more than doable and could be less but my diet or lack of is not on point. So that is my target and easy improvements.

My next goal is to get weight to 160lbs by spring and FTP up to 327W for 4.5 W/Kg. Got to aim high :smiley:


Nice work! Out of interest, how old are you? (Interested because I’m roughly where you were last November)