Your FTP improvements

6/17/2020 start of SSBMV1: FTP 128 @ 67.0kg (1.9 w/kg)
7/28/2020 start of SSBMV2: FTP 154 @ 67.3kg (2.3 w/kg)
9/8/2020 start of GPBLV: FTP 165 @ 66.8kg (2.5 w/kg)

+37 watts (+29%) over 12 weeks
SSBMV2 ended up turning into a low volume block due to adding running back into my schedule, will be going with low volume going forward.


Due to life complications, I had a rough two months while going through my build phase. I still made some modest gains to my FTP and managed to shed a significant amount of weight.

Date Plan FTP W/kg
April 20th, 2020 Initial Test 208W 2.2W/kg
June 2nd, 2020 Completed Sweet Spot Base MV1 224W 2.46W/kg
July 15th, 2020 Completed Sweet Spot Base MV2 240W 2.74W/kg
August 11th, 2020 Midway Sustained Power Build MV 244W 2.83W/kg
September 9th, 2020 Completed Sustained Power Build MV 249W 3.04W/kg
  • Borrowed a trainer off a friend for a week in September 2019 and did a 20 minute test and came in at 222w.

  • Hired a trainer from October 2019 to March 2020 and got introduced to Zwift and the world of structured training. I really had no idea there was such a thing.

  • Did another 20 minute test in January 2020 and got 251w.

  • After completing my first 70.3 in March i returned the trainer I had and my structured training fell away plus I didnt have power on my road bike.

  • Purchased a trainer in June 2020 and did my first ramp test at 252w.

  • After completing half distance HV base I ramp tested 271w.

  • I’m a couple weeks off doing another ramp test after doing part of half distance HV base before switching to sustained power build after a running injury. Hoping to be in the 280s!



I definitely do better in resistance mode. I did a quite disappointing ramp test yesterday which gave me an FTP of 238. At the start of tonight’s session coach Chad said to switch ERG of and treat tonight’s session like a FTP test so I did. My 20mins max was 262w including the 2mins recovery. A 20mins FTP of 249w up 11w on yesterday :grinning:


Thanks for posting this. I’m about a week and a half into TR and structured training and am starting out really close to where you were at the top of the table - 111 kg w/ 253 ftp from my first ramp test. I hope I can put in the work to see the kind of improvement you’ve had. Well done!


Wishing you the best on your journey, consistency is key. Have mentioned in other threads here that neither improvements or weight loss wasn’t linear, would go weeks and weeks with no change in weight and then you’d lose a few kilos. I know I could lose more with watching what I eat, but I train so I can eat what I like too. Enjoy the journey.


I am fairly new to Trainer Road and cycling.

Purchased my bike and smart trainer during the last week of May 2020. I had not been on a bike for at least 10 years. and not much cardio has been done in the past 3 years. 95% of my time was spent bodybuilding. I used to be an elite high jumper / sprinter / explosive athlete during my college years.
I’ve hit approximately 1400W for a few seconds, seated, while messing around on zwift in july. No idea what my peak sprint power would be. Maybe 1900.

Completed my first ramp test on zwift on June 1st: 198W at 85kg
First ramp test with TR on June 3rd: 201W at 85kg.
Completed 4 weeks of SSBHV , then took a week off the bike.
Ramp test done on July 15th: 246W at 83kg.
Rode mostly outside for 2 weeks.
Start of SSBHV 2 on July 27th : 252W.

My ramp test today, before starting the build phase put me at 275W at 83kg.

My progression since may : 198–>201–>246–>252–>275.
+77 watts in 15 weeks.

I am a lean 83kg. Clear definition of my abs. The goal is to reach 400W or 5.5W/KG at 78kg.

I will begin the build phase tomorrow. I have not decided if I will of with the sustained power build or the short power build.


First time posting my improvements, super excited with my progress so far. Did not ride a bike since I was probably 13 yo.

15/06/20 - Start of Zwift FTP builder: 166W - 2,3W/kg
27/07/20 - Start of TR Olympic Tri MV Base: 197W - 2,9W/kg
14/09/20 - Start of TR Olympic Tri MV Build: 218W - 3,2W/kg

Hope to continue improving until my first triathlon in March :grin:

Date FTP
Sep 2020 220w End of SSB2 LV

Uncharted territory - excited (and fearful) to try the Build phase! Nice to join the 3w/kg group.


Signed up for XCM HV with no experience of structured training (because more is more right :flushed:?) Started April 15th so programme kind of fitted perfectly to race day Oct 25th.
FTP changes so far:
15th April - 242W; 3.2W/kg
25th May - 258W; 3.4 W/kg
06th July - 270W; 3.6 W/kg
04th Aug - 289W; 3.8 W/kg
31st Aug - 302W.; 4.0 W/kg
6 weeks left so will probably try one or two more ramp tests before Race Day - hoping progress really is linear…


March 13th 2019 : 275w @ 86kg ( 3.19w/kg ) - Started TR
April 23rd 2019 : 291w @ 86kg ( 3.38w/kg ) - Finished SSB - Mid Volume 1
June 18th 2019 : 299w @ 84kg ( 3.55w/kg ) - Finished SSB - Mid Volume 2
August 20th 2019 : 304w @ 84kg ( 3.61w/kg ) - Finished General Build - Mid Volume (25% off sick)
October 1st 2019 : 268w @ 86kg ( 3.11w/kg ) - Broken Toe + Bike Crash

Demotivated period-- totally off bike… until…

January 27th 2020 : 217w @ 85kg ( 2.55w/kg )
February 13th 2020 : 235w @ 85kg ( 2.76w/kg )
February 17th 2020 : 230w @ 85kg ( 2.70w/kg )
March 10th 2020 : 245w @ 85kg ( 2.88w/kg ) (Felt motivation coming back)
April 21st 2020 : 264w @ 85kg ( 3.10w/kg )
May 19th 2020 : 284w @ 85kg ( 3.34w/kg )
June 17th 2020 : 284w @ 83kg ( 3.42w/kg )
July 9th 2020 : 288w @ 83kg ( 3.46w/kg )

September 15th 2020 : 295w @ 84kg ( 3.51w/kg )

Few consistency issues, felt I was drifting off course so started the plan builder afresh and begun again on sweet spot base. Trying to do more outside workouts when time/sunlight permits to keep my mind fresh.


Baseline: 189W - 3.15W/kg
After SSBLV1: 211W (+11.64%) - 3.52W/kg
After SSBLV2: 224W (+6.16%) - 3.73W/kg
Mid GBLV: 233W (+4.02%) - 3.88W/kg
After GBLV: 230W (-1.29%) - 3.83W/kg
"Mid" Specialty Climbing Road Race LV: 230W (0.00%) - 3.83W/kg

Reached the midpoint of Specialty Climbing Road Race. I’m not racing, but thought I’d go at least halfway to see what it’s like. In the end I decided to go back to SSBLV2 to maintain my fitness so a ramp test was in order. My FTP didn’t change at all from when I tested prior to Specialty CRR LV (didn’t expect it to change at all based on reading experiences from others). Consistency is key right? :grinning: