Yet another wheelset question

I’m currently riding a Pinarello Dogma F10 rim brake with Fulcrum Racing Quattros. I’d like to upgrade my wheels to something more premium. My justification (as if I need one) is that I was in a crash and the front way could be have minor compromise.

Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about picking a wheel. I live in Boston and do a fair amount of riding in northern New England, so from what I can tell, I’ll want something in the 40-50 mm Goldilocks range of depth. I weigh 75-77 kg with an FTP of 350 W. I’m not currently racing because of my job’s hectic schedule, but I might again in the future. My training rides vary from 40 mi to 120 mi. I run 25 mm tires; the stated max clearance of the frame is 28 mm.

I plan on having this be my bike for the next 5-7 years, so I’m ready to fork over a bit of cash for a nice wheelset (and I know that my next roadie will be disc brakes). What are people’s thoughts? The Enve 4.5s seem like a good option, but the new ones have a minimum tire width of 27 mm. How do people evaluate used wheels on places like PB?

Without looking at specs, the Enve 4.5 AR might be too wide for your frame (it was for my 2015 Domane). And hookless rims limit tire choices.

The Enve 5.6 are aero and fast, aero optimized for 25c tires.

One spec you need to pay attention to is clearance in fork (probably not a problem), and the rear chainstays. From the Enve page click on Specs near the top and you get details like this:

The Dogma F10 chainstay width might limit choices based on rim width and tire minimums. I’d check with the bike shop where you bought the F10 for some advice and help. I’d also call Enve and/or Pinarello for input.

A local guy has an F12 and Enve 5.6, he loves them. I had them for 5 years and pretty awesome in winds, except on fast mountain descents above 35mph in crosswinds. At least for me, we have crosswinds in canyons and without winds I can hit 45-50mph. A more confident rider can deal with a little front wheel twitching on mid-aero wheels in a high-speed crosswind descent, but 35mph is my comfort limit. The Enve 5.6 were known for years as being more stable in cross-winds.

Zipp is another wheelset vendor to consider.

Both Enve and Zipp (and Roval) and others have good warranties, something to ask about before buying. FWIW I had Enve replace wheels on 3 occasions and it was ‘send us a pic’ and no hassle experience.

Hope that helps, and maybe someone with an F10 will drop by and comment.


The biggest thing is getting the widest rim you can get away with. Then run the front tire that works with the rim; the rear can be a size bigger without upsetting things. Most rim brake bikes, you’re looking at a 27.5mm (?) brake track, so you need to run a 25-26c tire - if the frame can handle it.

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I’d probably have a look at the used market for several reasons: the first one is that rim brake bikes are on their way out, almost all new bikes have disc brakes. So people who are replacing their rim brake road bikes need to get rid of their wheel sets, too.

Regarding tire clearance, a team mate had an F10 (which he then replaced with an F12), and it had clearance for “traditional road tires”, i. e. the frame is optimized for 25 mm wide tires.

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