Yes you can do 100miles on 2hr max sessions

So I did this today after months of exclusive indoor training (my road bike hasn’t been out since August). Proof positive that one can do big rides without doing big lead up hours (although I do 10-12hrs indoors). I only took in 1100 calories (beta fuel, one clif bar, 2 gels) which was technically doable but not advisable (I kept my effort as strictly z2 as possible). Anyhow, nothing special but a fun way to spend the holiday!


Nice work! I agree it can be done - I did a rolling 4:55 century on Century MV last season doing only the 2 hr sessions (no longer Z2) on the weekends. My previous longest ride ever was 70mi. TR works.


Congrats on the strong effort! Thanks for sharing your story :fire:.

Thanks Bryce! Although I had plenty in the tank to ride again yesterday I had a day off but went out this morning and knocked out nearly 40 mins at 0.91 IF. Good news is my HR was around 145 for the duration where it’s generally 160 on my indoor efforts. It’s technically my recovery week so I gotta chill the rest of the week and see where I’m at next week! But I’m optimistic for a bump!


Its all about pacing!
Doing 100 on the trainer!?
Monster effort! Kuddos!

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This was outdoors it was kind of my reward to myself for being inside all year lol


100 miles are hard…specially with just 1100 calories.
I probably take as many on a metric century!

Easily… it’s what I did. If you go zone 2-3 it feels like doing nothing compared to TR inside

Yeah in some ways I’m happier about today’s ride with having an IF of 0.90 over 40 mins straight versus the 100 mile z2 ride just because I was able to sustain a good effort over a long time (at an rpe less than my indoor training has been). Ultimately it’s all about being able to do just about any ride I want and not get metaphorically killed by the effort

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10-12 hours a week?

Correct SSB1 and 2 HV

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thats a big lead up in my world!

This gives me hope as I’ve got a 100 mile ride in the works a few weeks from now. I’ve also been limited to 2 hour trainer sessions as well.

How was your saddle comfort during the 100? Any better or worse than being on the trainer for 2 hours?

Good luck! My bike comfort was fantastic actually. Never uncomfortable, no aches or pains anywhere, not bad considering I made zero stops except for some stop signs

Gives you hope? Are you doing 10-12 hours a week?

My first century was almost exactly 2 months after buying a road bike. At around 95kg and 2.5W/kg. Much closer to 5 hours/week than 10-12/week. It had over 5000 feet of climbing. I finished it 6 hours elapsed and 7 hours total. Its really not that hard if you want it.


No, I’ve been following mid volume plans and averaging 6.5 hours the past few weeks.

I’ve been consistent since the end of March, from a strength and endurance point of view I think I’ll be at my strongest ever.

I’m more worried about sustained time in the saddle. I’ve usually got myself built up on plenty of 3 - 5 hour outdoor rides by this time of the year.

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Great ride.

I’ll go a few steps further: you can do 100 miles on no training whatsoever. And for those who do, make sure to memorialize it and put it on youtube. In fact, without having checked, I’m pretty sure you’ll find at least a few videos to that effect now.

Now, how do you maximize performance and minimize risk of failure? That’s another thread.

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Time plays a role too. You were really quite fast. I certainly can’t get an 18mph average riding in z2. Less time spend riding, even if it is a higher intensity, affects things like saddle comfort, but also fuelling and tiredness.

I hear ya, oddly enough sometimes a short workout rubs me the wrong way! Everyone should be so fortunate as to have a pair of lucky bibs :grinning:

I think the thing that bothers me about Nate always mentioning over and over on the podcast that he finished Leadville on short trainer rides is that, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been a LOT faster with a few long outdoor rides here and there. There’s really no data to back up that it was a good performance, without seeing any other Leadville results from him with a different style of training.

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