Yes or no - Mixing your own on the bike energy drink

I’ve become a big fan of skratch for flavor, how it makes me feel, and that it doesn’t have so many carbs that I feel bad using it for a one hour ride. This looks really interesting to try next time I need a high carb mix for a ride.

I use 1g of gatorade mix per 1 minute of workout time for workouts 90 minutes or less. Over that I start to mix in more solid foods.

Once I ran out of fructose and had to double up on the skratch. Didn’t work for my stomach. :frowning: I am fully off solids while training.

Yes and No. For everyday training or regular rides, I do the cheap Gatorade powder + maltodextrin. For big, tough rides or events, I break out the SIS

Like many here I mix my own for cost reasons! Perfectly drinkable as is, and easy to add flavour to:

20g Maltodextrin
10g Fructose
1.7g Sodium Citrate
0.3g Citric Acid
32g total

In 500ml water, this is hypotonic at 246mOsmol/L. 150mg sodium (not much but it’s something) and 30g carbohydrate.

I mix 1.6kg (50x recipe) at once.

You can double or triple in the same volume of water, giving me 60g or 90g carbohydrate.

I plan to make little packets with a heat sealer and sous vide roll, add dry mix and a little water, then seal it up and heat it up in a water bath to dissolve. This could then be cut/torn open whilst outside and watered down - maybe less hassle than powder.


And then there’s the 3:1 recovery mix…

34g Maltodextrin
17g Fructose
16g Hydrolysed Whey Protein 90% (chocolate)
19g Oat flour
4g L-Leucine
90g total

Add 250g water, shake, down in one :+1:t2:

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