Yawning during effort/after effort paired with calf and tibialus anterior cramps

Yesterday I completed a Train Now session of Ainslie (4x4min@ 105% of FTP with me dropping the intensity of the last interval to 90%).

I already know that I need to learn to do these longer efforts as evident from my showing of Beacon -3 and Mount Feld from two weeks ago, so I made a point of going into the workout properly fueled. I had a very light rest week, with only one 45 minute ride on Tuesday.

During the last interval, I started to yawn profusely. During the 12 minute spin down, I started to cramp deep in both calves, and eventually my tibialus anterior. I’ve never cramped my calves before, and I’ve never heard of any one cramping the anterior. My previous history with cramps is quads only.

Looking at my history from when I started, I have many of these longer efforts either surveyed as very hard or failed them.

Is my FTP set too high? Do I need to consider magnesium or other mineral supplement? Are these efforts actually this difficult? Is yawning during efforts normal? Do I just need to nuttupanddshutup?

Sounds like you over worked your calf muscles.
Maybe the harder effort caused a change in position on the seat causing you to work them more than a normal effort.
Just as a runner that never sprints decides to do sprints and cramps.
I don’t think it was lack of minerals.
As far as yawning I find the trainer boring as hell. Puts me to sleep.

I’ve been having calf cramps and all my googling is point to ‘too much too soon’ and not enough strength up the leg.

So are you doing too much too soon?

Hey @bobroxs,

This is a tricky one. Cramps can be caused by a number of different things, and ultimately, they can be hard to avoid when you’re going really, really hard.

Hydrating with electrolytes will often help, but I don’t think there are any studies that can prove that’s the magic cure for certain. I’d make sure that you’re hydrating enough throughout the day regardless and do your best to ensure that you’re getting in enough electrolytes as well.

I’ve taken a look at your TrainerRoad career, and it does look like you’ve struggled with a few of your recent workouts. Adaptive Training will adjust for this, but if you’re looking for an immediate solution, you could probably drop your FTP by 5 - 8 watts. Your Progression Levels aren’t particularly high, so I don’t see any issue going that route.

As for the yawning and specific cramping you’ve experienced, I can’t explain that. :thinking:

I’d keep an eye on this and make sure to pause your workout or even end things early if it becomes an issue again. This could be a sign of something becoming unhappy inside and it’s not worth pushing through if you don’t know what’s going on.

If things continue or get worse it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check in with your doctor. :stethoscope:

Best of luck!

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Is there a way to set which power meter the session should be using, or what meter was used? I have Assioma dual pedals and my Kickr Snap. In devices I see that my Assiomas run much much higher than the Snap, and I am wondering if I was severely understated in the power usage.

I’d read through this support article to see if things are set up properly with your KICKR Snap.

There is a section on there with a link to our PowerMatch article as well which could be really useful here as well. PowerMatch allows your power meter to control your trainer so that there is less of a discrepancy between the two.

Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions! :slightly_smiling_face: