XDR / Red AXS Cassette Issue

Hey team,

Working on an Allez build and have been pretty stressed while stuck on this issue… really appreciate any help (I am assuming there is a simple solution, can’t find it on the net).

I bought Vision Metron 55 SL Disc wheels and followed Vision’s instructions to convert to thru-axle (came with all of the crap to do it). Figured that part out I think. I changed out the 11spd Shimano driver for XDR 12 to pair with a SRAM XG1290 red cassette.

Problem: Hub is sticky. I do not know if it’s because I installed the XDR driver improperly, if I did not torque down the cassette enough / too much, or what other potential causes are. I’ve had a similar issue on a Zipp 808 with 11spd Red cassette that I eventually got to work (magic?).

Backpedal and chain goes slack like image below:

Can you spin the freewheel easily by hand (with the wheel off)?

  • If not, it signals an issue in the install. I’d remove, inspect, and reinstall it to see if it improves.

What about with installed in the frame, and the chain away from the cogs and spun by hand again?

  • Checking to see if it is frame interference.

Thanks Chad:

Yes, I can spin it relatively easy by hand. I loosened the thru axle a little and the hub let free a little more than previously. Still – when I rotate the pedals and let go, the hub does not spin freely… it takes the chain and cranks for a ride.

Does anyone have advice working with these wheels / cassette combo that may be of some help? The Vision PRA preload ring if I loosen it too much there is lateral play in the entire axle. Super stressed out about this.

I can’t speak to your hub specifically, but I’ve had hubs with a thin rubber seal on the freehub that can get folded over or pinched between the freehub body and the hub itself. Everything works fine, but the hub doesn’t spin well, and causes the problem you describe. The solution has been to pull everything apart, re-lube the seal and make damn sure it’s not getting pinched when reinstalled.


Bingo… you absolutely nailed it. This diagnosis lead to the wheel correction. Honestly the wheel rolls amazingly after putting back together correctly. It’s amazing there aren’t any videos out there showing how to correct this probably frequent issue.


Awesome! Glad you’re rolling smooth again!