XCadey - Spider based PM

Ive got 1 of these on the way, will report in when it arrives. Have ordered the SRAM 3 bolt 5x110 spider and some ZRACE 165mm cranks for a TT build. Dont have power pedals/hub to do a direct comparison, but I have been riding with Quarq power for nearly 4 yrs so have a pretty good idea of power vs RPE & speed, particularly around the local cycle circuit


So far so good on the Xcadey spider. Calibrates well and consistently. Never drifts by more than a few points on calibration, seems to line up with RPE well. Running it 1x and zero issues.

Have done about 200km. Can provide links to strava rides if you want to look closely at the power/cadence (i dont look that closely)

Short cranks are awesome on the TT bike, can get a fair bit lower

Just thought I would put my experiences of the XCadey XPower-S for Shimano 12 speed mtn bike cranks:
I ordered it on 11/5, and it arrived at my house in TN on 11/24. They provide you with a 4PX tracking link, which ends up being a mirror of a DHL number that gives you much more accurate shipping information.

The spider itself weighs 99 grams. Adding the 34 tooth stone 104 bcd chainring and bolts that XCadey provided, it came out to 144 grams. Of note, the stone chainring is a narrow/wide profile that allows the shimano 12 speed quick link to work, and doesn’t appear to be rubbing the links as wolf tooth’s website mentions.

Once everything was installed, I proceeded to attempt my best GPLama impression. I updated the firmware, threw the mtn bike on my kickr core, stomped on the pedals a bunch times, calibrated the power meters, and started pedaling. The first ride was interesting, with some large overshoots during the sprints and some differences between the kickr and the spider, even as I stopped throughout to spin down/calibrate.

I then dove a little deeper into the rabbit hole by putting some assioma pedals on the mtn bike and testing all three together (after putting a 95% value into the XCadey “power offset” value). The pedals and the spider lined up pretty good, with the kickr showing some differences. I don’t know if this is because of drivetrain loss due to running a 12 speed full suspension mtn bike on an 11 speed kickr core or what, but I plan on chasing this down tonight. I also plan on trying to ride the mtn bike outdoors a little bit to get some power spikes and see what it looks like.

Seems a bit disconcerting as GPLama had to use 105%. It seems like they still have issues with setting this thing up correctly and consistently. 10% (95% vs 105%) is a huge range.

@GPLama did they respond to your report of being offset?

Yeah, I watched that video and noticed mine was 5% offset in the opposite direction as well. Ive contacted XCadey, and they want you to either message them on facebook or whatsApp, so I will keep the group updated on how that goes.

I ordered mine (Race Face version) last week and I am very interested with your conclusions…
I will be able to compare it with my Elite Direto trainer power reading and I am actually able to compare the trainer as well to crank based dual powermeter from my road bike. So I am looking forward for the number comparisons…

Nope. I’d like to get another unit and see how it stacks up.

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I ran the assiomas against the kickr core tonight on the road bike using my waxed chain / etc, and everything matched up nicely. I cant run the xcadey on the road bike, so I think I am going to chalk up the differences on the mtn bike to drivetrain loss, suspension bobbing, etc for now. I am sure I will get bored later and run another set of tests.

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Over 1000km now on the Xcadey, mostly on the road and a few TR workouts on the trainer. Still no issues, still seems to match up nicely with RPE and known segments & speeds

Id definitely buy another if I was in the market based off my personal experience so far


Throwing in a short report in as well. Got the spider for Rotors Aldhu24 crank set (the asymetrical Shimano compatible version). First thing I noticed is the manufacturing tolerances seem a bit different. Meaning the spider has a tiny bit of wiggle room when put on the crank axle. I was a bit concerned about it, but the axle eats right into it after a few pedal strokes, so now there is no wiggle whatsoever. I’ll have to see how it’s gonna hold up over time.
Accuracy-wise it reads 3% higher than my Elite Suito, which I think is reasonable (the two power sources track nicely otherwise). No spikes or other funky business I could see. So far I’m happy.

Oh and the Rotor → Xcadey → Shimano combination looks pretty :fire:

Update: They messed up and it turns out the spider has a wrong chain line lol

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Well i bought two of these PMs. one for a shimano 104BCD with deore xt crankset,
and one for a SRAM 3-bolt mountain bike with 104BCD
Both units have failed in the wet. One failed while riding in wet weather. The other failed after a muddy MTN bike ride and wash.
Both units have started to work again after a few weeks. One currently seems ok, and the other started working on a ride, and then failed as soon as i rode through a creek on my MTN bike.
any email request for support from XCadey redirects you to use WhatsApp, which they don’t seem to monitor.
The units are rated as IP67 - which means they should be able to withstand 30 minutes in 15cm of water. This is not the case.
i did not do an external comparison - but based on the subjective efforts on my trainer, the numbers they were reporting at the time seemed legit.