XC Carbon Wheelset - We Are One?

Any thoughts on We Are One Carbon “Revive” wheelset for xc? Currently have a Blur and looking to upgrade the stock aluminum wheels. I know We Are One are highly thought of but don’t see much on xc wheels. It’s only a 25mm internal width - concerned that may be a bit dated compared to more 28-30 now on XC wheels. I run 2.35 Mezcal/Barzo.

Other alternative is the Roval Control 29 that is similar price $1300.

Appreciate any perspective!

I don’t know that 25mm id is dated. I would say that 25mm is the standard and the trend for some is 30mm. If you had 20-23mm id wheelset I’d say that’s dated. 25mm id rims are perfect for 2.35 tires. I run 2.35 Mezcals f/r with id rims of 24.5/26.5 (Synthesis XCT 11 Carbon Wheelset) and they’re perfect.

id rim to tire size recommendations:

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I have the weareone unions on my enduro bike. They are absolutely fantastic. Great ride quality, and they have never come out of true since I built them up. I live in the PNW and take them down typical PNW rough and harsh trails, and they have held up great. Price is very reasonable when you look at the comparables, which is amazing considering they are built in Canada and have a lifetime warranty.

The downsides is they often have long lead times, and they only do complete wheels on industry 9 hubs (which some people love, but I do not). I ordered rim only and built mine up on DT Swiss 240s and am very happy.

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Thanks for the chart, helps a lot.

Seems the We Are One are great value and quality. One advantage to Rovals is I can get at my LBS. Seems to be lots of love from reviewers but mixed accounts from owners.

@Zackary_Wilkins did you look at the Reserve options? What about Hunt XC Wide set, 1517g and for under 700 you could get (2) sets.

I’m on purchase probation for the rest of this year, but wheels and some more gram savings is on the docket for my Blur XC after I properly give it a solid season of training and racing this year. The Hunt wheels are a 360g savings over the RF Arc’s.

The Reserve looks great (a little pricier), issue is they appear to be impossible to find in stock. Their warranty is bulletproof though. Ideally looking for a carbon set with legit no questions asked warrant (which seems to be increasingly common).

I run the Revives on my Transition Spur. I’m super happy with them - no complaints. I run mine with 2.35 Ikons without issue.

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It may not matter (the difference is obviously tiny) but the 1517g set is the XC Wide Race which is only 24mm internal.

Obviously it’s not a huge difference to the 25mm internal of the XC Wide at 1640g, I only bring it up due to a) the trend is to wider rims for rim and tyre performance, and b) it’s something I’ve specifically been looking at but I don’t want to spend any money unless I can both increase internal width and reduce weight (I’m currently considering BTLOS rims with DT Swiss (or similar) hubs, and light spokes. They don’t have the same support as something like a Roval or presumably WeAreOne, thought apparently they are well supported for what they are.

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Which hubs? Never had I9 but other than a little weight at center of wheel, not sure how much the extra points of engagement in the Hydras matter for XC.

I have the Hydras on mine and like them. I’ve personally never ridden the 1/1s (I think that’s standard on the We Are One wheels if I’m not mistaken), so I can’t compare there as to whether the upgrade is worth the money. I had DT Swiss 240s before this and liked those too.

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I have the revives with 2.35 Barzo Front / 2.25 Mezcal rear on my Blur. The only change I would make is go to 2.35s all around. I really like them, and they take my abuse well.

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Good to hear! Did you go 1/1 or Hydra hubs?

I’ve historically not been much of an I9 fan, but I have to say that I really like the hydra hubs on my wheels. I’ve added some DuMonde Tech free hub grease to quiet them down and I’d rank them almost as high as 240s in terms of durability (my previous qualms with I9 was short bearing life) and much higher engagement. High engagement is a little over sold, but it is nice to have if you ride a lot of technical trails with pedal ratcheting manuevuers

I did the hydra’s, probably not needed but it’s nice having the engagement. They do sound like you are being chased by bee’s, but I kind of like the extra noise when coming up on groups if they didn’t hear me. There is a different grease to use if it bothers you though.

I also added the CX-Ray’s. I am 200lb rider and the wheels are still true after a season, and I checked with We Are One and they had no concerns.

Not sure if it helps any, here’s the tread profile of the 2.35 Barzo


Also running 94kg. Glad to hear these are holding up for a bigger rider.

Any regrets not going up to the Factions?
I keep going back and forth. Wouldnt mind the extra width but not so keen on the extra weight.