Need a light set of gravel wheels

I am looking for a high quality carbon gravel wheel with a focus on weight. I want to keep price to around $2500. currently I am looking at the Enve G23 and Roval Terra CLXii. Any other to consider. These are both right around 1250g for the set.

Light bicycle has a set of shallow rims you can build up for <1kg.


What inner width and spoke count you want?

Reserve 34/37 is a do-it-all road rim that can be run on gravel. They are on sale at $1400-$1900. (1325-1400g depending on hub).

I built up a set of Light Bicycle AR25s w/ DT 180 hubs, CX Ray spokes and brass nipples - around 1080g all up. Very happy with the end result

With the DT 180 hubs they end up around US$1550. Come with a 5-year warranty (or lifetime warranty for +$200)


Reserve released a new set of gravel specific wheels yesterday: 40/44 GR. The wheels are lighter and wider than the original 40/44 and they come with a lifetime warranty.


Are those robust enough for gravel riding? I’d want more meat on my wheels and not just look at minimizing weight.

I bought the Roval cl wheelset, 1400g. I am very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a wheelset.
I would only assume the CLXii would be even better.
Great warranty that comes with them too!

I had Berd build me a set of We Are One Revive with Berd Spokes and DT Swiss 180’s for my XC Bike.

Doing the same for Gravel.

These look great. Not very light tho. Hopefully they’ll offer them with DT180 hubs.

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Along with Light Bicycles, I’d also recommend Farsports. I picked up a set for gravel last year and beat the crap out on them on Class IV roads in VT and they’ve held up great. The weight was somewhere around 1250g.

As an aside, China Cycling just did a segment on Farsports (bit of a puff piece, he’s selling them on Panda Podium), and they apparently do some OEM stuff along with their own branded stuff, which isn’t surprising.

Here’s the config and price:

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I have 2 sets of terra CLX and one set of CL’s. Incredible wheels. I used for road racing with 30-32mm tyres, and offroad with 42s. great wheels.

I’ve got two sets of HED Emporia. One GC-3 and one GC-3 Pro. Both are good light wheels.

If you’re on Shimano then the GRX Carbons are worth a look too.

Those look very interesting, at 36mm outer width (front) its not as wide as 3T Discus 45/40 gravel wheels, but they are ~200g / 0.5 pounds lighter and I’d rather have the Reserve warranty and DT hubs (they intend to have 240, currently unavailable and 350 hubs), versus the 3T warranty and Italian hubs.


I just picked up some LB WG44 rims on DT240 hubs. These are 1450g on my scale. I installed some 35mm Schwalbe G-One RS tires, which measure 39mm on the wider rims and have a really nice continuous profile with the sidewalls. I’m liking these a lot for gravel racing, and expect them to be plenty light and fairly aero.

Those new Reserves look interesting, though unless you’re running pretty skinny tires (by gravel standards) I’d be a bit skeptical of the aero claims. Rule of 105 would suggest they’d be best with 35mm width as measured, so probably 32-34mm nominal tires. I bet they’d work great with 30-32mm road tires as comfy, aero all-road wheels though, assuming the “semi hooked” design would retain those tires adequately.


Thoughts on these? Revive Wheelset – WE ARE ONE COMPOSITES INC.

With the CX Rays they are supposed to be 1301g with a 25mm internal and <$1300 CAD shipping inclueded. The only obvious detractor I can see is the iNine hubs which are supposed to be noisy and I’m not sure if they are hooked or hookless.

Light Bicycle WR35s in a flyweight build would be ~1417g and $1550 CAD + shipping.

For the emphasis on durability and lightweight rather than aero is there something that would be better at the same price?

I have Revive’s for my XC Bike, and I have a set of rims downstairs for my gravel build this year. Mine aren’t stock builds though. The research that I did was that they are very well made and supported, I’ve had no issues yet.

Pretty sure there’s a discount code through the end of March. 20%?

Yep thats why I’m looking at pulling the trigger, seem to be significantly cheaper than anything else that I would expect would be comparable in quality. Some Chinese stuff would compare but I would assume with lower quality hubs.

Here’s the thread I posted over on MTBR when I started looking:

I also run Revives on my XC bike with i9 Hydras. I’ve had them for a few years now and zero issues.

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I’ve been running the ENVE G23’s for about 3+ years now. They have been bullet proof, ride well, and easy to set up. They’ve gotten me through a lot of training miles and events. Between Unbound once and Big Sugar twice, I had only one flat and that was at Big Sugar the first time. I was on Rene Herse Hurricane Ridge’s. Since switching to Pathfinder Pro’s, never flatted.

Lots of other good options, but thought I’d provide some feedback since I’ve been running them for a while.

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