Worth having dual sided power on just 1 bike?

I have a Canyon Endurace with a 105 crank and left side 4iiii power meter, and a Cannondale Topstone with GRX crank and left side Stages power meter. My Topstone is my go to bike for the trainer because it feels stiffer. I’ve been thinking about getting 4iiii to install a drive side PM on the Endurace 105 crank and that would run about $300. On the one hand, I like the idea of having the L/R data and maybe the power numbers will be more accurate, but on the other hand the left side only PM seems pretty accurate compared to my Kickr (usually 1-3% higher than the Kickr but this is probably within the margin of error and doesn’t take into account drivetrain losses.)

Do you think it’s worth the upgrade to have L/R power on one bike? It would be my go to bike for fondos/centuries and maybe trying road races next year.


I wouldn’t spend the money. Seems close enough to the kickr that you probably don’t have a huge discrepancy between L and R. I never look at that data with my Assioma pedals.

Also, as is often said on this forum, precision is important, accuracy is not. No real reason to upgrade for accuracy as long as your current setup is precise. Since your other bike also has a left sided power meter, adding dual to one bike might make it more accurate but less comparable to the data from the other bike. You’ll be more precise from one bike to another if you just stick with left only power.

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