Worth upgrading PM to Quarq on only 1 bike?

I currently have left crank 4iiii power meters on both my road and gravel bikes. Most of my outdoor riding is on the road bike, and most trainer time is on my gravel bike (it’s more upright so more comfortable on the trainer).

I’ve been thinking about getting a Quarq DFour power meter with shimano rings for my road bike. I like the idea of getting more accurate total power (vs left side x2) for my main bike. I figure I can sell my Ultegra crank and 4iiii PM to offset a good chunk of the cost.

Is this a worthwhile upgrade to get a “better” PM on the main bike? Does it make sense instead to keep the same style PM’s on both bikes assuming they’d be more consistent with each other (they seem to be vs the Kickr)?

Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

Worth is a subjective measure and depends on your needs, desires and finances.

I had a left stages crank on my gravel bike and I compared it to a pair of assioma duos (with left only channel) and the stages was about 10% higher. I suspected it was off… I returned it and replaced it with a quarq DZero for my gravel bike.

I guess I’m happy to exchange my £300 left only crank for £450 dual sided quarq. If I was going again, would I buy an additional quarq assuming that the stages was accurate?? I don’t think I would spend the extra £450 but at the time I said go on to the extra £150.