Stages L vs LR, Shimano

Having some strange differences between power meters and hoping someone may have some idea as to whats going on here. I have a L sided stages on one bike, LR on another. When on my kickr with the LR bike, my power is within the margin of error, however on my Left side bike, its reading almost 30w higher than the kickr. Ive never put much thought into this as the L side bike is my cross bike so power is all over the place anyway. Im inclined to believe the LR is accurate, as its reading the same as the kickr. All are on the latest firmware and calibrated before testing. Is the Left side PM possibly bad or is this just what you get with a single sided meter?

Do you have a computer head unit that can record left and right power separately? If so, do that with your LR power meter and see what it shows for the difference between your left and right power.

It’s usually been within a few % when I’ve checked but never really dove deep into it. Will give that a try though, good idea!

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