Workouts for cross country mtb races

My limiter is when someone attacks me and I am not able to respond to the attack.
The workouts in the specialty plan do not have sprint workouts that benefit me.
Which workout should I implement to help me with this limiter?

Really? What specialty are you looking at? When I look at XC Olympic Low Volume I see LOTS and LOTS of VO2-type intervals. I remember nearly puking doing them as well.

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Is it because you’re a poor sprinter or because you’re gassed when the sprint comes?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to get ‘stronger’ when what you really need to do is get ‘fitter’.



In a cross country race when the single track opens up to double track I get passed and don’t have the power to respond.

I am doing the specially mid volume.
I just thought doing some sprint workouts instead of vo2 might help me .

not really enough information to say. Sounds like you just might need to be overall fitter. Sometimes there’s a limit to how fast you can go in the singletrack, but if you are doing the short power build to XCO you should be getting some snap in your fitness, relative to how fit you are. They might just be fitter.

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At the risk of sounding a bit harsh, do you think that perhaps it is not that you are being attacked but simply getting passed by a stronger rider when the trail allows?

I enjoy the workouts that incorporate “race winners”. Examples are Lion Rock and Junction.

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Find or create a workout that mimics the conditions and effort levels you are trying to improve.
For instance:

  • 15min steady state
  • 20sec strong surge
  • 3min steady state
  • 30sec strong surge
  • 5min steady state
  • 40sec strong surge

Repeat as desired (at least twice).

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I am a bit stronger in the single track than my competitors and can create a little gap there, but when it opens up to double track I am getting passed because they are faster on straight aways.
I want to know what workouts I could do that could help me improve on my weekness.

Sounds like you need to raise your FTP! No shortcuts on this one…

Base --> Build --> Specialty