Workout with 90sec vo2 intervals with 90sec RBI?

I have to preface by saying I tried to search for this! I’m looking for a workout with 90sec vo2 intervals with 90sec RBI. Baird+2 is the closest I can find but it’s 60sec RBI. That’s the short version. If none exists then it’ll be something I create in a custom workout

The longer version is I’m thinking of getting back to basics with the vo2 stuff and nail the shorter stuff (I’ve done bluebell no problem), because I’m still having a heck of a time powering through 2+ mins at 120% and my build wasn’t super high quality due to vacation.

Hmm. I have two custom workouts which I think are public but not sure.

90s efforts and 90s, 1m efforts

I can see them if I search in the workout listing but not sure if they work for other people. What do you mean by RBI?

Rest between intervals

Ah. Mine are 3m rest between. I fine it easier to create my own workout generally but that’s just me.

Do Baird +2 but stop pedalling take an extra bit of rest between each interval.

If you start feeling ready for the next interval without an extended RBI, you’ll know you’re improving.

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I can’t find one to fit your particular needs.

  1. Looks like case for manual pause and pedal or backpedal.
  2. Pulling the closest workout into the Workout Creator and making your own version. This is pretty easy with the change you want, once you are familiar with the tools.
    • There are some good YouTube vids on the WC if you go down that road.
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Thanks for the help! It’s been awhile since I’ve created workouts but I’ll whip one up tonight!

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