Workout records — lower for shorter interval. Why?

UPDATE: I got it. There is no bug here. Somehow got confused. 40 minute interval includes more of higher intensity work than 30 minute one.


Take a look at this workout personal records graph:

It shows 206W for 30 minutes and 209W for 40 minutes.

How is that possible? In my understanding it should be at least 209W for 30 minute interval.
I see this problem also in other workouts.

I already wrote to but decided to take it also here.

I’m not sure what is wrong here? There definitely isn’t a problem but I’m not sure how best to explain it to you…

If you did 1 minute at 300 watts, 1 minute at 100 watts and then another minute at 300 watts, the average for 2 minutes would be 200 watts but the average for 3 minutes would be 233 watts.

That’s the basis for how longer time-frames can have higher averages.



Oh, now I get it. :blush:

If the best 40 minute interval has a dip in power in the middle, then it may not be possible to find a 30 minute subset of that 40 minutes that has the same average power. If you think as the 40 minute interval as two peaks either side with a dip in the middle, a 30 minute window might only be able to incorporate one of the peaks thus giving a lower 30 minute average than 40 minute average.

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