Workout not loading on calendar

Just looking through my upcoming workout calendar and the workout for 20th may is blacked out and when I click on it I just get the spinning loading circle and nothing loads, think it must be a bug, any help appreciated

Appreciate the heads up – I’m going to let our bug hunters know about this so we can investigate what’s up. We’ll report back!

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Thanks for the super quick response :grinning: no rush though got loads of workouts to get through before then :joy:

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It does indeed seem to be a bug that you ran into – our team is on it and we should have a fix out soon!

In the meantime, we changed your workout on May 20th to Taftan in lieu of the workout that was bugging out.

The only caveat is that Adaptive Training won’t adapt that workout if it’s too easy or too hard since we added it on there manually. Once you get to May 20th, if the workout isn’t right for your Progression Levels, we’d recommend using Workout Alternates to find a Productive training session.

Once you hit the refresh button on your mobile app, those changes should appear if they haven’t already.

(Here’s that refresh button just in case:)

Feel free to let us know if you need a hand with anything else!

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Thanks for sorting :+1:

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