Workout instructions outdoors?

If you do a workout outside (I have the Elemnt Bolt), is or possible to see or at least review the instructions beforehand?

Unfortunately you need to be actually riding with @chad outside if you want to have the workout instructions.


lol, that’s a good one

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I was just thinking actually, if I used my phone instead of syncing the workout to the bolt that might work.

That sort of defeats the purpose of why I have the bolt in the first place though… which is that I don’t like mounting my phone on the bike.

If you click on the planned workout on the web or the desktop app, as long as the workout is set to “Outside,” you can view all of the instructions ahead of time.

This ability will be coming soon to the mobile application as well :+1:.

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Sweet, thanks for the heads up!

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why i can’t see this instructions on the inside workouts, would be helpful too, they are the same, or?

Have you confirmed that you have the setting turned on?

Also, not all workouts include instructions. You can see the ones that do.

Any missing that mark do not include instructions.

At the moment, all workouts that are part of a TR training plan have an exact outdoor version, so for those, you can toggle to “Outdoor” to read the overview, then switch it back before you start.
We are working on creating exact outdoor replicas of the remaining workouts now :+1:.

You can also read the workout overview, which gives you an idea of the intervals, without explicitly outlining each interval and its exact power target.

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thats all i want to know, seems there are some bigger changes, that are 99,9% finished and need some small correction