Workout Creator - strange marking in segment

I’ve just been playing around with the workout creator and am a bit mystified by something that appears in one of the segments I’ve added. What’s the narrow horizontal bar that appears in the last segment?

Interesting, I’ve created a bunch of workouts and don’t remember seeing that. Remember to always add a short recovery segment at the end for the ability to extend workout.

It’s classed as ‘work’ - what difference it makes, I don’t know.

Edit: watching it again, I do now! - it gets a countdown before and a summary at the end, and is classed as an interval in the analysis.

I only learned this last week.

Strangely, reading the manual (or in this case, watching it) actually helped! In my defense, it’s not a common thing for men to try when learning how to use things :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks very much @alexgold123 . BTW, what’s a manual? :joy: