Workload compressed with new General Base plans?

I know that earlier this year TR re-branded Sweet Spot Base to General Base, and changed the work-to-recovery ratio from 5:1 to 3:1. My question: is the same workload now happening in 3 weeks rather than 5? It feels like I’m experiencing higher jumps in progression levels between workouts with my plan this year compared to last year. Or maybe I’m just softer this year?


If it doesn’t, it should, by about 11% :wink::blush:

The jumps in Progression Levels shouldn’t be impacted by the changes we made to the training plans.

How have your workouts felt in general? If they started out easier than you might have expected and responded accordingly on your Post-Workout Surveys, it’s possible that Adaptive Training accelerated the ramp rate of your Progression Levels to get you into more appropriately challenging workouts more quickly.

Thanks for the response @ZackeryWeimer !

This is probably what’s going on. Up until 1/12 I was easily completing the workouts; always responding to the post-workout survey with “easy” or “moderate.” Then I had a rest week and an AI FTP bump. The first week in the new block was incredibly difficult. I barely finished Tunemah and responded with “Very Hard.” I’ll let Adaptive Training work its magic to get things leveled out.

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