Work from home (WFH) training

A deliberate mistype :+1:

A bit like Faceboke, Farcebook or Hellfrauds :wink:

So it’s not a mistype :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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WFH since 1998, tried it all - treadmill and NordicTrack XC ski and riding and couldn’t focus on typing and work.

However I can stand up during some weekly calls and do stuff like face pulls and band pull apart and hip hinging and pallof press and body weight squats and related band/bodyweight work to open up the upper body and/or core engagement. Helps posture fight against sitting in front of a computer all day.

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Not Video calls then ? :wink:

Lol not those, these:

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I used to do conference calls on a stepper. I just muted me, and huffed and puffed away.

Exercising and anything requiring a camera is dodgy at best. I actually took a selfie recently during a HIIT ride, and it was not pretty. I mean, it was a lot less prettier than it usually is (in my mind)… Maybe kill the video?

I don’t do any trainer rides while on a call. I do trainer rides before work, at lunch, or after work. During some calls where I don’t have to be a primary contributor I do sometimes stretch or do some other strength exercises