Wollongong 2022 - Elite Men SPOILERS (for the men and women)!

MVDP retires from race after rough night at the hotel.

Gutted for him.

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What a difference less than 24 hours makes for the Dutch squad after the AVV win in the Women’s race.

There was only one way in all the scenarios she wins and she pulled it off. While wearing a jersey over a skin suit. Must have been the aero socks.

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They are talking about interrupted sleep… potentially other teams using it as a tactic? I doubt it that would be so unsportsmanship.

Sounds like he was arrested and had his passport taken as well - getting this from Twitter. It’ll be interesting to see the full story come out over the next few days.


The French team have blown the race up on the first climb. There are really two pelotons 2 minutes apart. The larger one (90+ riders) needs to chase.

We should probably put a spoiler’s flag on the title of this Topic.
@mcneese.chad not sure if you can help.

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Ooof. Rough night for Mvdp indeed.

At least (I assume) we will have a low risk of seeing a wandering willy with the city circuit and number of fans. Let alone the intensity of racing.

Assuming the front group(s) don’t ease up there’s not going to be much room for letting up.

ETA: jinxed it

I was not expecting to be spoiled on the women’s race in this thread. There’s goes that.

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(I updated the thread title so it warns about spoilers for the men and women.)

Well that was dissappointing. I was hoping that wasn’t how it would play out lol.

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They don’t have AirBnB in Australia?

A boring race is what you get with a boring course.

I disagree, I think this was a great course, and you only need to look at the women’s race to see that. It was the way the riders raced the race that made it not the most exciting.


I think what made it feel boring was the expectation of having a major battle between the favorites, and we ended up with a one man show.

Any word on how Keegan did?


MVP convicted in the case….not sure of the total penalty, but he has been barred from entering Australia for 3 years.

I get his anger and frustration, but man…don’t push kids, dude.

ETA - fined $1500AU