Wollongong 2022 - Elite Men SPOILERS (for the men and women)!

if they were my children, I myself would also give them a stern word that you have to behave! Nowadays parents point the finger at someone else instead of their own children


It’s just all kinds of silly how MvdP handled this. I totally get his frustration. And i can understand sticking your head out of the door and shouting at them to shut it. But if that doesn’t work you either call your team leader or hotel security to deal with it.


No one is saying what these kids did was right…but pushing kids is never justified, especially if they aren’t yours.


Sometimes you have to give children the education that their parents did not give them. :wink:


I’m interested on how people on this forum feel about the Worlds championship race not allowing the use of radios.
I believe that the intent is to make sure everyone is competing for themselves… but in reality we all know that they are not and that there are riders competing and riders working for a the team.
So… should they allow radios during the race?

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I think no race radios is stupid. Especially since it is only done for Worlds and Olympics, meaning the pros are no used to it and it can have an outsized impact on the race. I really don’t understand any supposed “advantage” or ideology behind banning race radios.

I don’t think there is any expectation that countries won’t race as a team, they have always raced as teams (albeit with the occasional clash of personalities leading to very unteamlike behaviour which only makes the racing more enjoyable in my opinion). I would think one justification would be that it levels the playing field and reduces the advantages of the countries that have numbers vs the talented individual from a small country with little backup.

I think it can make for more boring racing as in the absence of real time data the teams keep breaks on a tighter leash (probably more so than ever after last year’s women’s Olympic road race). But I do quite like the added variable that it throws in.

Out of curiosity do you mind sharing where you’re from/grew up?

Just a reminder, this topic is about racing and the 2022 worlds in particular.

I realize there was some amount of impact related to kids, parenting and likely other parallels, but let’s not move OT like it seems we may be headed. Feel free to start a parenting topic (or hop into an existing one that may already exist) as needed.

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Yes in DM, because i dont will go longer offtopic. You can sent me DM if you like