Wireless brakes


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Hopefully they don’t have battery contact problems like SRAM :rofl:

Please tell me this is an April Fool’s thing…

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It is, and it’s not the first year there have been similar jokes.

Can someone post a screen shot…
I dont have FB

It still opens even if you don’t

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Also blocked at work…because…you know… they dont trust us

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And like most good jokes… a grain of truth from nearly 10 years ago:

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Also blocked at home…because…you know… we don’t trust Facebook.


Although from a bike build and aero perspective, it would be awesome.

Putting another link in a safety critical system doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Electronic shifting is fine but what happens if the link to your brakes goes down? Do you have no brakes or do the brakes automatically apply and you can’t then ride the bike?


Totally agree with all your points about the downsides of electronic braking, and didn’t mean to seriously advocate it.

Was only coming at it from the very narrow perspective of not having to run cables (when combined with wireless shifting) over the length of your bike.

Ive always wondered if there is an app that would allow you to interfere with AXS shifting on someone else’s bike…you know for that guy on tbe group ride that always has the newest bike but is either a dweeb or super strong…just jam his shifting halfway up the climb…all in good fun.

Hydraulic brakes are already wireless technically

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Yep. No cables. Just hoses.