Winter Covers on Assiomas

I’m planning on doing some gravel/winter riding this winter on a used gravel bike I just picked up.
I was thinking of moving my assiomas over to it, however living in Canada it is pretty cold on the feet in the winter. I found a pair of rubber look pedal covers on amazon pedals that basically make them flat pedals and I could used hiking boots or something to use to stay warm.
Would the power readings on the pedals be in any way accurate if I went this route?

I don’t see why that would affect their power reading. You would still be exerting a force on them and turning them in circles. If you want to be sure though maybe email Favero and see what they see. As an alternative, if the cost isn’t prohibitive maybe look into buying a pair of 3 bolt winter cycling shoes from Lake, Fizik, and some others.

Probably just give you a more noisy signal (Loss of stiffness in the force transmisson path and pedal rise without load). I can’t imagine that there would be a bias. Might be a bias in the data for an UNO. I have no idea if it just doubles the data or uses some fancy transform algorithm (my money is on a doubling). So long as you were averaging the data anyway it should be good.

Honestly I really don’t feel like spending the money on an expensive pair of winter shoes that I’ll only wear 5-10 times/year. Maybe I’ll throw the bike on a trainer with sneakers on the pedals and try to test them out.

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No worries, just throwing out the option. If you were planning on doing a majority outside in winter then they might be a better option but not if it’ll only be an occasional thing.

But yeah it’s worth trying it out before you get outside and realize it’s giving you shit numbers. But I’m sure this is a question that Favero has been asked before and probably have an official answer.

The only thing I’d be weary of is actually standing on the pods by accident if you aren’t clipped in.

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FWIW I live in New England where it gets pretty chilly as well. I’ve run my Assiomas on some pretty dang cold winter rides without any problems.

I ran n my assiomas in the winter last year with my regular clip in shoes, shoe covers and heat patches but still got frosty feet. The assiomas worked perfectly.