Will more reach on a gravel bike make for better descending?

I’m 6’5" and my gravel bike is a Lynskey GR300 XL with 400mm of reach and a 120mm stem. I found this put me very far forward on steep descents and it’s frankly terrifying at my skill level. As a function of my height too, I feel “on top” of the bike rather than “in it” if that makes sense. It’s fine on the road but gravel has me worried. It has Di2 so I’m not sure what to do about a dropper which I think I need on my next bike.

Given the crazy bike market now, I put it up for sale just to test the waters and I can sell it without losing much. I’m thinking that a different bike with more reach and a dropper might make it a better descender. Mountain bikes have been getting longer…would this translate to gravel bikes?

The new Checkpoint in 61cm has reach of 417 mm (+17mm) and the Canyon Grizl XXL has a reach of 436 mm (+36mm). I’d get a shorter stem to compensate. Both would allow internal droppers which is a must.

Would pushing out the reach and potentially the wheel base help me from feeling too far forward? I’m thinking that and a dropper could be the solution.

Any tips are appreciated!

In defense of the Lynskey, it’s an absolutely beautiful bike and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to someone if they like the geo.

The trend in mountain bikes over the past 5 years has been longer reach, steeper seat tube angle, slacker head tube angle, shorter stem, and longer wheelbase. This is generally aimed at making the bike more stable on descents.

Same concept applies for gravel bikes - so in answer to your question, I think yes.

Nate had similar motivations in getting the Evil Chamois Hagar, but I think that goes too far for a gravel bike.