Bike Fit & Stack/Reach question

For all you bike fit and equipment experts out there … hoping you can help me out with this question …

I’m looking at a new gravel bike and I think I’m between sizes on a model I’m considering and wondering how you’d adjust the following:

I know the best fitting gravel/road frame for me has a stack of 585mm and a reach of 384mm

With regards to the new bike I’m looking at —

The 54cm bike has a stack/reach measurement of 560mm/388mm.
The 56cm bike has a stack/reach measurement of 578mm/397mm

To vastly oversimplify an endless complex topic, I’m guessing I would (theoretically) err on the side of buying the 54 and adding spacers(?) … or would the collective wisdom be to buy the 56cm and get a shorter stem?

I know there are a ton of variables to this, but if there is a simplified answer as to the preferable route to go here I’d be curious and appreciative of your thoughts.

Thanks in advance🤘

Your ‘best fitting bike’ - how long is the stem and how many spacers do you have under it?

Stem: 100
Spacers: 2

In addition to stack and reach, you will need to consider seat tube angle and/or effective top tube length, as that will dictate the limits of your saddle position.

Seat tube angle is identical

That would suggest you should go with the larger bike with an 80mm stem and add 5mm of spacers.
I’d be wary of running an extra 25mm of spacers when you already run two.

Are you using the same bar? Some bars are shorter than others which needs to be taken into account!

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Boy … an 80mm seems so short. Maybe I’m making a bigger deal out of it than it is.

And the handlebars are/would be the same.

It’s seems like many gravel bikes are increasing the reach vs prior models (e.g. Checkpoint, Crux). Personally I’d rather have a bit more reach and a shorter stem…more space for a top tube bag without hitting your knees!

I would downsize. I ride a 54cm road bike but was advised to get a 52cm gravel bike. I’m no expert why but it feels right.