“Wider” road tire question

I’ll pose this question as simply as possible, with no further clarification. Death is not an option:

If you had to show up at your fast and very judgmental :wink: weekly group ride on a 700x32 tire, which tire would it be?

GP5000 32x622 its what I have on the rear. No comments except from the anti-GP5000 crowd rolling on Vittoria or Pirelli LOL.


What do you have on the front?

Embrace the hate - gravel tires and watch people’s heads explode :rofl:


28c of the same.

That’s how it started three weeks ago, first group ride on my Tarmac with new gravel wheels and Roubaix Pro 30/32 tires that measured out to a ridiculous 36mm. And then:

STFU when I put the hammer down LOL


All of the usual suspects are good. GP5000s are goldilocks ties, you can‘t go wrong with them. Then there are Schwalbe‘s Pro One, which are also highly regarded. I used to ride on Vittoria Corsas (usual ones during the spring and summer, Controls in the off-season), and they are still the supplest tires I know. Not sure they make the standard Corsas in 32 mm. Currently, I‘m on Pirellis. Officially, they are 28 mm wide, but on my rims with 25 mm internal width, I reckon they are 1-2 mm wider.

Agreed. I’m a Corsa 2.0 TLR 28mm devotee on my road bike … that supple feel is 2nd to none.

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tubeless or not?





The rear Roubaix Pro expanded out to 37mm and started rubbing against the chainstay when I stood up and put power down. The tubeless gravel wheels are now Pirelli Cinturato Velo and I need to have the brakes adjusted when swapping to Rapide CLX GP5K 28/32 wheelset, so I rolled on Pirelli Cinturato 32x622 last Wed night.

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Tubeless 100%

tubeless has more options with 30x622 tires

I have showed up to a group like that with a GP5000 on front and back (non-tubeless with a latex tube) on my all road bike. Not sure if they were judging me as it was hard to hear them after I dropped them on the just the second of the four climbs that day #thanksTR


All tubeless but have run 30s+ in pirellis (race TLR), enves 31, and the 30s in the schwalbe pro one TLE. all blew out to 32mm + on my enve AR rims.

Enves and Pro Ones were fast, but punctured all the time. The pirellis mounted easiest and had seemingly better puncture protection than the others. might just be luck but had no issues with pirelli. Always seated with a floor pump where i needed hulk hogan to mount the others.

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Have done many times on Bontrager R3 Hard Case Lite 32’s… After the umpteenth puncture stop for other riders and a few miles of the crater-strewn moon simulations that they call roads around here, they stopped commenting!

Until we rolled up behind a huge agricultural tractor with 8’ wheels and somebody asked me if those were the tyres I was using :rofl: :rofl:

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GP5000S TR 700x32c

My 30 conti gp5k S TR measure in at 31.66mm on my zipp 303s. I wish I got the 32s to be honest.

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My mate rides Conti GP5000 32s on his Venge. He can rip peoples legs off so i guess no one comments haha


I vote for the Gravelking slick, just because you can get them in green or purple to make sure everyone notices :wink:


I run 30c Vittoria Corsa Controls on my road bike. No one has commented on them at all until we talk tires and I mention it and they sound surprised that I’m running that big. If I had ‘race wheels’ I’d probably put 28 Corsas on there but I’ve only got the one.

But I’d go with any of the regulars. GP5000, Corsa (or control), etc. You might be judged but it won’t be much, if any, slower so you can also have them underestimate you and still be around at the end.

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Here is a great comparison from Bicycle Rolling Resistance where they test all sizes from 23 to 32mm.

In summary you can conclude that when you adjust to the same comfort level, then all tires rolling resistance is nearly the same (0.2 watts max) for all sizes of the GP 5000.


Rode GP5kSTR 32’s this evening. At 50psi. On my Diverge. With a top tube bag 🫣

Got dropped with 6 miles to go but still got back at 24.2mph so any judgement would have been fairly harsh :rofl:

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