What tire size are you running on the road?

I’m curious where the pulse of the forum is on tire width in 2023 for road/tarmac use. The intent would be if you are riding on just road, so not a bike/tire setup where you regularly cover dirt and gravel in addition to pavement.

To keep it consistent, vote in labeled tire width, though if you want to add in the comments what it balloons out to, feel free

  • < 23 mm
  • 23 - 24 mm
  • 25 - 27 mm
  • 28 - 29 mm
  • 30-31 mm
  • 32-33 mm
  • 34+ mm
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Usually 28 front and 32 rear. Right now it’s 32/32 because of a gravel event.


I remember listening to Josh Poertner’s podcast about 4 years ago. His comment at the time was that in a few years (I think he was mostly talking about pro’s…but maybe Joe’s as well) most Europeans would be running 28-30mm and Americans would be running 30-32mm.

At the tour this year Jonas was running 28mm Vittoria Corsa Pros (measuring out to 30mm on his Reserve rims) and Tadej ran 28mm GP5000 (measuring out to 31mm on his Enve rims)


I run 28s front and back. I ran 30s for the first part of the summer, but after a big gash, I used that as an excuse to move back to 28s.

With the 30s I didn’t feel like I was getting any extra comfort/compliance vs. speed.

This is an unscientific opinion, and the tires were two different brands, but both were at the very high end of things.

I have some evidence of reducing flats (tube tires) when running 32s on the rear wheel. Another local in this area, he does 10-12 double centuries a year, has also seen a reduction in flats by running 32s.

I’m running 25s at the moment, but ideally I’d like to run 28s. The only thing preventing me from running 28s is that the external width of my rims are 26.5 mm (20 mm internal) and everything I’ve read is that there is an aero penalty if the tires are wider than the externals.

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Running Corsa NEXT 32 as when I got them last year they were only $55/tire. Great tires overall. However, they raised the price to almost $80 so I think I will try the Pirelli P Zero Race 30s when these wear out.

N.EXT are $54 each at ExcelSports in a 2 pack.


I actually don’t have a huge problem with flats (I run tubeless) given how much I ride. I just had a full on blowout this summer, and instead of buying replacement 30s I went back to 28s.

I actually think I flat less than my fair share, to be honest. But a gash is a gash … and nothing is going to plug a 1 inch tear lol

You got that right!

Tempting to pick up another set. I wish it wasn’t such a huge PITA to swap out tubeless tires.

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I’m running a 28 front and 30 rear on 31 mm outside width wheels. Kept the front aero optimized, then one size up in the back where aero is less of an issue. At least that was the theory, and I’ve been very happy with it.

I also enjoyed the conversation with the guy on 25’s that I beat that was shocked at me running a 30 on my bike.

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28 rear 26 front. Vittoria Corsa N.EXT run tubeless on dtswiss dicut 1400. Measure 29.5 in the rear and 27 on front. I’m 170lbs and run them at 60psi. Wayyyyyy more comfortable than a 28/25 gp5000 TL at the same pressure.

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28mm tires that measure 31mm on 25 internal, 32 external rims. Ideally the tires would measure 30mm

Similar…23mm front, 25mm back. These days I’m mostly time trialing all the time so I run the thing that is the fastest.

If I was just tooling around town or puttering along with the local group ride I’d be running 32’s front & back.


28s F/R at about 70psi

28mm front and rear, GP5000 with Vittoria Latex

Tyres are 29,5mm measured width

4.9 bar front and 5.1 bar rear (77kg)

Shimano Dura Ace wheel set with 21mm inner and 28mm outer width


25s - I’m not geriatric.


25mm as my previous 28mm gp5000s needed me to deflate them, or undo/redo the brake cable to fit past the pads.

fulcrum racing zero db wheelset
25 front, 28 back on 19mm internal rims.
gp5k TL
i scalped all the TL i found at local lbs i have still 3 or four set of TL in both 25 and 28mm that will keep me rolling for the next few years I hope.

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