Why should I choose TrainerRoad over Zwift?

I use both exactly the same. best of both worlds. Zwift connected via ANT+ , disconnect the controllable trainer on Zwift. Connect TR via BT (never any signal loss). All applications work perfect together on my MacBook.

Also playing this playlist together with TR and Zwift is not a problem :sunglasses::call_me_hand:

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I agree with you “High Level Process Differences” after being a long term TR user, I swapped to Zwift, and you can do exactly the same training plan under zwift that you can under TR, as it has a great workout editor, the TR training plans needed some adjustment for me, but it’s also the environment that surrounds it brought me back to TR (and the calendar), Zwift forums tend to be full of what power up they want, new feature, map \ what map they hate, where as TR does seem to be a little more focused on actual training.

What really brought me back was the calendar, I’m Type 1 diabetic, with Asthma and found in the past that the TR training plans just ramp up to far, and sitting in a office all day and then 90 - 100 TSS in a 1hr was bringing me complications (this is the reason I originally left) I prefer to do 30TSS in the morning and then 70-80 in the evening, this works well for my general health , the Calendar makes it mark out a plan, and then tweak it to my needs

Go to the Concept 2 online rankings and you can filter results for your race category/country/age group/etc. As soon as you set up an account and post a time/distance against a measured effort that is ranked, you can compare your time against the world of C2 rowers who have also posted their times. I weigh in between 175 and 180 lbs. but with some effort (i.e., will power) I think I could make the LW class. The rankings are very motivational. You just need a C2 rowing machine and you are all set.



I used both for two months, but canceled my Zwift Account now.
I really like the Training plans in TR and love the calendar.
Zwift is for structured workouts totally boring to me. I prefer watching Netflix, listening to music or watching the Tour de France 2018 on the trainer.
Doing Races in Zwift is probably fun, but since I commit to the TR Plans, I am not interested in Zwift Racing.
BUT: If I wouldn’t follow TR Plans and only wanted to ride my bike indoors, I’d prefer probably Zwift over TR.

Today I discovered a major setback since returning from Zwift to TR for my workouts: my kids no longer cheer me on when I’m on the trainer. :cry:
When on zwift they would come in and start yelling all sorts of encouragements thinking I was in some sort of race. Now they come in, ask whether I’m ok, and quickly disappear again :disappointed:

If only TR could fix this somehow :thinking:


Not sure if you are serious?

But TR will not be adding entertainment any time soon.

You can do what many of us do, run Zwift and TR together for the best of both worlds.

no, more tongue in cheek :wink: - alluding to the often heard saying that a ‘merger’ of zwift and TR would be awesome. While I do miss seeing my virtual behind, running them at the same time is not really that cost-efficient if it’s the workouts/training plan I’m after.

Perhaps running TR with one of the TR race analysis videos on the laptop and alternative entertainment in front on the tablet takes a bit of the boring view away.

Or perhaps the no-enterainment-whatsoever interface of TR is effectively intended to train mental toughness. :see_no_evil:


Copy that. Yeah, I used to play videos that I shot or others posted on YouTube for distraction, before I started using Zwift. Plenty of ways to add to the TR base, if a person wants to do so.

On my own, I don’t find riding in Zwift’s virtual world all that fulfilling, but the social aspects with friends and races is what’s the most compelling. With Trainer road, I load up a pro race or even a live concert on youtube to go along with the workout.

That being said, I like the ideas of people loading the trainerroad workout and duplicately connecting to swift to carry-out the workout in that environment. I think the process of this can be modified slightly, so you don’t have to run both applications at the same time. I haven’t tried this, but I suppose you could use the workout creator to save and export a copy of the trainer road workout, then import it into zwift. This makes the most sense logistically and even allow you to ride alongside friends or do group workouts.

There is a group workout solution called workout studio (or training studio) I’ve been part of in group indoor cycling classes and I think this would be a nice feature within zwift.

This has a couple of issues. Biggest of which is that exporting the actual workout file and loading it into another app is a violation of the Terms & Conditions for TR.

  1. Pulling the Intellectual Property of TR workouts into a non-TR app is a violation.

  2. Running Zwift as a secondary app, that simply reuses the same power data output from your devices is acceptable. Essentially, nothing that is TR property leaves the TR universe.

  3. You can join any group workout and ride to that precisely (assuming you are setup with “Controlled” trainer) or on your own (without “Controlled” trainer) because you will stay with a group as long as you are outputting power, even if you are not meeting the “Group Workout” intervals. That is how Zwift setups up the “rubber banding” in the group workouts. This works the same case #2 above.


Makes sense re ToS. Thanks for clarifying. Obviously should have read that first (and will). What about a custom workout created in the creator, then exported? Assuming the creator is just the tool to design the workout, the workout is the IP of the person creating it.

On a separate note, can you export a TR workout to load on a Garmin if you want to do the same workout on the road? Does the TR cover that same case?

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If you want to ride indoors chose zwift, if you want to train chose TR.

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I would presume (with no legal background) that a personally created file should be free to use wherever the creator chooses.

There is no direct route for this. But I have seen references to using Training Peaks (or other packages) for that method. Ability to export from TR to cycling head units has been requested on several occasions. I don’t remember with certainty, but I don’t think TR is too keen on implementing that request.

@Porkchop That is an oversimplified statement and not really correct. I know many people using Zwift for serious training, that could handily dispense of riders from the TR world. This type of false supremacy (direct or implied) smells of elitism, and that benefits no one.

These apps are all tools and each one can be used well or poorly for various results. The software is one avenue for indoor use and the most important item in the picture is the rider and how they use the app. We don’t need the “Ford VS Chevy” type of attitudes to act as if one is superior to another. Choose what best suits your needs and avoid the tendency to look down on the other options.


No offense intended, just my personal experience. I’m thankful for zwift because it opened the door to indoor cycling and that’s how I found TR, which really works for me. Cheers!

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I do find statements like this are insulting to those who choose Zwift for serious training. There are plenty on Zwift who are serious with their training. There are plenty like me who choose Zwift for
trainer road sessions and also enjoy the variety of different events that IMO push you more than any workout could.

I do think Chad has answered it better than myself and I endorse his reply.

Maybe the threads title is causing a rift that for me shouldn’t exist, both products complement each other in my world.


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Hmmm what we have here is a classic Troll post.

But the answer to the question is -

@Nate_Pearson @chad @Jonathan and the weekly podcast they produce that explains to you exactly why you should be using TrainerRoad.

To each their own, and your mileage my vary. Past performance is no guaranty of future returns.

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