Why is my Garmin Vector 2 (dual-sided) power drifting?

Has anybody experienced significant power drift with their pedals?

I’ve had it with my Vector 2 (dual) for a few weeks now. See screenshot for an example. The first ~15 min of this 45 min segment I could feel that the power was accurate (using RPE, HR and pace), but it was gradually drifting up, even though HR and RPE (and cadence and speed) were decreasing.

This example is from a couple of weeks ago, and it’s getting worse. Today’s 3 hour ride required 4 or 5 calibrations, and after each calibration I could feel that the power was in the right ballpark, but then after 20 minutes or so it starts drifting.

The drift is sometimes up, sometimes down.

Batteries are fresh (I actually changed just before I started experiencing these issues - could there be a connection?).

And the pedals have been on the bike for a long time with no problems until a couple of weeks ago so the torque should be fine.

Any suggestions and advice would be helpful!

Bump for this, I have been having issues as well. Its frustrating having the power reading be different for the same cadence interval to interval. Makes it feel like I am just constantly chasing power. Have you figured anything out since you posted this?

I’d recommend reaching out to Garmin’s Support Team since they will be the experts on this type of thing :+1:


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I had this earlier this year with my single sided garmin vector 2s. Was tearing my hair out for a week trying to get to the bottom of it.

What it was was I had started using new shoes that had the cleat slightly further out to the outside of my foot so when I was pedalling my shoes would rub off the pod causing it to put torque through the spindle. Changed the cleats and pod position sightly and haven’t had an issue since.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the feedback! I went and checked this out as I had recently gotten new shoes as well. Sadly, no rubbing on the pod at all, so don’t think the issue is there. I

Got in touch with Garmin today per Bryce and looked over some power files with them. The vector’s seem to be reporting just fine with no obvious issues, as I also went through and reinstalled them exactly to spec after cleaning. This led them to suggesting this could possibly be a communication issue with the TrainerRoad app itself.

So I guess the question now is if the update at the end of February could have had any affect on the communication between the pedals and the app? I am losing my mind trying to figure this out! Some of the latest issues have been changing cadence required for a given power level from interval to interval and sometimes even within an interval. For instance at the start 90rpm will output 200 watts, and then later 93/94rpm will be required for the same wattage in the same gear.

Until I get my garmin headunit I won’t be able to compare power readings between two different sources, but at the moment it appears to be a communication based issue. As a side note, a workout I stopped halfway through today becuase it felt like no matter what I couldn’t keep the power in check, the IF was .88 instead of the intended .86 even though the intervals were recording as at or just under the target power. Overall just very confused and just want the consistency back!

TrainerRoad is broken. It’s not it’s ours equipment. There are dozens of reports after the last upgrade

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I’m not even mad, just glad I’m not losing my mind. Thank you for the reply, I haven’t seen the other reports.

Buy a new trainer, then you might be on the same level as I am.

Rant over - have a good ride

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You know the worst part? I have a tab on my PC open for a TacX Neo because of this…so I am/was dangerously close to being on that level.
Thanks man!