Why are some outdoor workouts different than their indoor counterpart? [Resolved ✅]

Thread resurrection. I’ve noticed today that the outdoor z2 workouts, which used to be a significantly longer time than their indoor counterparts, are now back to being exactly the same length in time as the indoor session. e.g. this one which yesterday I remember seeing was 1 hour 52mins long.

Is this a long term change back?

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Yup, they are planning a return to 1:1 length based on comments elsewhere.


Update: After a big push from the team, all workouts except FTP tests and race simulation workouts (like Blue for example, pictured below) now have 1:1 outside workout equivalents!

I’ll go ahead and mark this as ‘resolved’, but let us know if you see anything thats amiss when switching a workout to outside. Thanks for the patience, all!