Who’s Watching the US Cyclocross Nationals?

The races are being streamed on the USAC YouTube channel. Current weather is overcast and course condition (peanut butter mud) promises to be an epic day for the riders!

8:25 - Junior Men
9:30 - U23 Women
11:00 - U23 Men
12:45 - Elite Women
2:30 - Elite Men


Just turned it on, thanks for the reminder.

Look like a nasty course — spectator gold! :smile:


Nasty fun!

How do you train for course conditions like that? :man_shrugging:

Pull a Shaun White and build a big mud pit in your backyard?


Or dump 1,000 pallets of natural peanut butter and Coach says ‘Pedal’!

How do you train for a course like that? Move to the Mid Atlantic. Our whole season has been courses like that. :grinning:

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There was a ton of mud in the Dallas area for our CX season. It was great.

U23 men on the line!!!

They look so clean! :laughing:

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Elite Women…Compton…again.

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Heck of a pass early on


I can’t imagine how absolutely draining that course is.

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She’s the Van der Poel of US women’s cycling.

Hyde this year?

Looks like it!

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