WHich workouts to add?

Very seasoned high volume (20 hours a week) rider/racer.

I had just started using TR with a LV plan using the builder, supplementing with all my regular outdoor riding. But I was recently injured and can’t ride outside right now, but I seem to be able to push TR workouts just fine (even just reassessed and improved from pre injury).

Which workouts should I add on the alternate days? I started the XC specialty phase (I think) this week and have added a couple sweet spot type workouts on the alternate days. Would those be appropriate? I’ll make them recovery rides as needed, of course (I normally do A TON of low effort riding). Only temporary until the upper body finishes healing.


If you go to the workouts tab you can filter by duration and intensity to find something to suit depending on how you feel on any given day.

What types of rides were you doing outside that I assume you now want to do inside to keep your overall training structure similar? The filter option that @JSTootell described is your best bet for finding something similar in duration, workout type (energy system), and/or intensity. If there’s something specific you’re looking for let us know (i.e. 1 hour endurance with sprints = Pettit +1 or Mokelumne).

At the time I was just looking for filler stuff. “Recovery ride” stuff was just too easy, but didn’t want to push too hard when I am not used to doing trainer stuff much. I guess I was looking at how to turn the LV into a MV/HV plan temporarily.

But I got it figured out for now.