Which wheel is faster for TT?

*Bontrager Aeolus 7 TLR: 70 deep, 27 wide at brake track. 9 spokes per side.
*Zipp 808, unsure year but is dimpled: 80 deep, 25 wide at brake track. 8 spokes per side.

I’ll be running Vittoria Corsa Speed tires, 25’s, with latex tubes. Course is flat as a pancake. Mild winds 4-6 mph.

I don’t have any data specific to those two wheels, but based on all the data I have seen and processed, I’d say there is nothing between them.

Which is “fastest” will likely depend on weather conditions for the day and even then likely to know which one is the faster option.

Ride the one you like the most and go for it.

Front/rear/pair? If you have a pair of both, I’d go Bontrager front, Zipp rear because the wider rim (Bontrager) will work better with those tyres - measured tyre width should ~95% of the rim width for optimal performance at increasing yaw angles, which is more crucial at the front. If you have a disc for the rear then use the Bonty front.

But in reality I doubt there’s much in it. As Power13 said, pick the one you like, or the one that “feels faster” and smash it.