Which stationary bike for MTB training with TR?

What’s the latest and greatest in terms of stationary bike choices for using TR to train for mountain biking?

To keep responses focused, please exclude:

  • rollers
  • wheel-on trainers
  • direct drive trainers

If there is a bike where drop bars can be replaced with XC-type flat bars please let me know.


I set up my Kickr bike to mountain bike geo. Works great.

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If I was buying now I’d go with the Kickr Swift. Got mine at clearance so the price was right. But I don’t use things like the tilt. Heard the Kickr swift is very quiet as well.

How did you get MTB geo on this? I assume bars are at least 740mm wide on MTB.

It has a regular stem so if you wanted you could take off the road bars and put on a flat bar. You would have to figure out what to do with the shifters. If you were only using erg mode, you could just find a spot to have them hang out of the way somewhere while still being connected. If you wanted them close by so you could use them I’m betting you could put them on the flat bar with some shims. It might look a little funny, but it’s work

I came across this on the wahoo forum:


In terms of the two itself, the bike does have a ton of room for adjustment so even though most of the fit coordinates are based around drop bar fits, unless you are really tall or really short you should be able to set it up with mtb fit coordinates

Thanks for this.

I am tempted to say that at this price level I should not have to resort to solutions like this…but also I need to get going with my traing.

Does it get easier if I don’t care for ERG mode?

Maybe I am misremembering, but didn’t Wahoo promise an officially sanctioned solution for flat bars when they released the Kickr Bike?

It isn’t the bars that are a problem, it is the shifters.

So using just ERG mode would make it a bit easier (i.e. no need to change gear)

As well as the kickr, you could easily put flat bars on a Wattbike Atom and set it up with a mountain bike geo too.

I don’t really understand the idea behind this to be honest. You can just copy the geo of your MTB and apply it to a stationary bike. Fitness is fitness and unless you ride a DH bike the position from road to XC can be fairly similar imho.


I understand, and what I meant was that I thought Wahoo had promised flat bar shifters. Am I misremembering or have they reneged on that promise.

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Was it a recent promise, or one made before Chip came back in May 2023?

how important is it to have MTB geo on the trainer… ? I guess if you are really trying to find the last 1% to win a MTB race, it might make a difference, but you certainly won’t get any slower when you start with structured indoor training on a road setup.


I asked @dcrainmaker in another thread and this is what his response was:

So it seems my memory wasn’t completely faulty, but Wahoo hasn’t fully committed to the idea. Given that it’s been a while and to my knowledge we haven’t seen flat bar or TT shifters, I’m skeptical if they ever saw the light of day.

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