Which Smart trainer on balcony?

Hi there

I currently use a Tacx Satori on my sheltered balcony. yawn

For noise and fun reasons I‘d like to upgrade to a smart trainer.

All I checked are recommended to be protected against humidity and should be kept/ operated at room temperature.

Does anyone of you know a smart trainer that can deal with a wider temperature range and where the (not direct) humidity doesn’t harm the electronics?

Happy for every recommendation.

How “sheltered” are we talking here?

Does morning dew collect on metal objects?

If so, don’t leave anything outside.

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If you want to keep your trainer outside, you should go for a dumb trainer. I bought a used Elite Volano, which is a direct drive fluid trainer. Those are quiet and robust. But ultimately, depending on how sheltered your trainer is from the elements, leaving it outside might still cause damage.

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Thanks for the replies.
Sheltered in terms of another balcony above mine and an additional plastic cover. But morning dust cannot be avoided.

It seems that it would be pretty risky to have one outside.

I was hoping that there is a brand that I have Not heard of yet and that specialized on these kind of use as I cannot be the only one who likes to have some fresh air around my nose instead of a fan in a pain cave.

Well, I probably wait till the market is ready :slight_smile: