Which plan will work best

A new trainerroad user.
I have just started a Lv plan for the next 5 months(mon,wens,fri) outside endurance 2 hours fri.4-6 hours saturdays.
Is this my best choice or is it better to adapt a Mv plan.I have read that Tss is not everything i not sure if its to big of a dropoff
Some background i am 43 and have riding around 2 years around 1000-1200k a month with 10,000 meters of climbing,also some indoor training but mostly unstructured.
My ftp has plateaued at around 200 for the last 6 months,so i did some vo2 work which helped raise my vo2 from 52 to 58 bit didn’t raise my ftp.
Any advise would be welcome as i would rather make changes to my plan earlier than later
Thanks for you time

Stick with the low volume plan and nail your three structured workouts. Add in the other rides but pay attention to how you feel so as not to compromise the structured intensity. Enjoy!


which plan works the best? as mentioned in the podcast a thousand times, the plan you CAN follow works better then the plan that looks good on paper.

Which one you CAN follow is personal and depends on many other (life) factors. And it’s better to ease in to more volume then throwing yourself directly in to a hole.

Your passed volume seems pretty reasonable, but a low volume plan adds quit some intensity, if you keep a 4-6 hour endurance ride, that will be a pretty big load!.

I assume, if you adhere to LV with additional endurance (total of ~10 hours per week), you will grow your FTP pretty quick (assuming you are not <60kg there is a lot to gain starting at 200 watts)

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@rkoswald has it IMO - I follow LV plans but tend to average around 10hrs a week. If you pick LV you will get 3 key workouts to follow, hit those as prescribed and add in your extra rides outside on top of that

Personally I try and moderate the intensity of those for Z2, but it’s not the end of the world especially in group riding if you do some extra work.

One thing I try and watch out for is doing too much at the start of the block, cos that can wipe you out for the end of the block. Then last week before the recovery week I find is a good time to slot in that epic weekend ride…


Thanks for the reply I need to lose a few kilos about 66/67at the moment,so I am around 3 w/kg.
Looking forward to getting faster using trainerroad

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