Which heart rate monitor?

I have a polar H7 that’s I’ve used for years. Outside an occasional battery replacement and having to pull the battery and do a reset when reading get wacky, it’s been solid.

I also have an Garmin HRM Dual which works very well and has a machine washable strap.

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I’ve purchased too many hr straps over the years. My last purchase, about nine months ago, was the tickr fit. No more contact problems or battery issues. It just works every time.


maaaan, had the worst time with the Garmin DUal; it went through 5 batteries in a couple of weeks.

Returned it and got an H10; seems to be working fine.

Hi folks,
Must be me!
See the pics where the app has picked up my garmin dual HR monitor but has no rate reading? This has happened last couple of work outs. And hasn’t happened on the road when using garmin 830. Any ideas? Seriously frustrating when these components just stop working for no reason…

The best for me has been the Polar OH1+. It’s not a chest strap, it’s an optical arm band. It’s been rock solid and highly accurate.


Polar H10 (or H9 for that matter)

Rock solid, good battery life and quick pairing.

Have had multiple Wahoo bands that quickly stop working.


I had the exactly the same prob - just in a different app.

My Garmin HRM Dual actually broke in two! The plastic around the screws at the back broke. Don’t ask me how because I don’t have a clue. Never changed the battery or opened the back.

+1 for the Polar H10. Super fast connecting and I find it a lot more comfortable. Can’t comment about the accuracy or durability though.


Thanks folks. Polar H10 is on order. Done with the Garmin HRM! Cheers.


Second this. I found my old h10 after my second wahoo tickr failed. Updated the firmware and it’s been rock solid.

Polar knows how to make a quality heart rate strap. It’s worth the money


My CooSpo HRM has started not reading over the weekend. It beeps instantly to indicate there’s charge (which it should do as the battery was only new 2-4 weeks ago) and then 5secs later it beeps again to say its switching off. Tried a new battery anyway, a new strap, thoroughly made sure the contact points were clean but it’s the same behaviour. It has actually been one of the most reliable (up till this) HRMs I have had and I was tempted to get another but I’ve took a punt on the TickR.

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Late posting this since you went with Polar. Thought I would share anyway. My experience with Wahoo is okay, but the straps seem to wear out fast and I’m not even that big of a sweater.

I’m probably going to go with 4iiii since I like the PM.

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Just a quick second on the Polar OH1+. Best HRM I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned (too) many. Let me also add how much I personally prefer an arm band to a chest strap – remarkable how constricting a chest strap feels in comparison.

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I agree on the arm band. It definitely works very well.