Which base layer has the most stretch?

Most of my base layers are good, but not great. They fit kind of loosely. Are there any base layers that fit snug and have a lot of stretch (like under armor, but more breathable)?

I have three sleeveless base layers from Craft that are great, the “cool mesh superlight”, very lightweight and breathable, and fit snug without compression, very comfortable.


Decathlon does a good range of base layers, both short and long sleeved and are good for both running and cycling. Comfortable too.

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I also have Craft mesh base layers. Great quality, last ages and don’t carry that slight whiff of sweat that some have even after washing.

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My best base layers for fitting my smaller body are Rapha ones. I’ve a few different weights for different seasons. I’ve few other makes but I prefer the Rapha ones for fit and performance. They hold my core at the right temperature with overheating.

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I’d second @Austin_Allegro 's reply. I have several Decathlon base layers, sleeveless, long sleeved etc and they are all very stretchy. I reckon my wife could wear the long sleeved black one as a dress. :grin:.
I prefer them to my under armour ones as they’re more fitted on account of them being small but very stretchy. I’m wearing xxl and had a 48" inch chest and now around 45" they still fit. :grin: :+1:t2:

Before I bought the Craft ones, I bought a couple Decathlon sleeveless base layers, too, the B-Twin branded ones. I find that they don’t transport moisture as quickly out to the top layer, likely due to being heavier and having more material than the Craft. I’m a heavy sweater, if I go out for a Z2 ride, it’s not a problem, but on a hard ride, I’ll take a Craft. the Decathlon is also perfectly fine on the trainer with bibs. Out of curiousity, I grabbed one of each and weighed them. The medium Craft is 56g, the equivalent size B-Twin is 91g.

I checked the Decathlon site to see what they offer. The version I have is the RC500 for 15 EUR. They also make an “ultralight” one for 20 EUR, but I only paid a few Euro more for the Craft, so for me only the RC500 would make sense if I’d buy more.

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I love my DHB mesh base layer so much I bought 2 of them. It seems fairly stretchy, so I maybe should’ve sized down - always a problem with buying clothing online being 6’3 and lean. Worn outside and on the trainer when a session starts out cold.

I’ll give another thumbs up to the Craft base layers for all the reasons listed above. I’d add they are a good ‘only’ shirt on the trainer too. Add in a fan and you stay reasonably dry and they wick well.

Another Craft fan here. I have about 5 of the Active Extreme base layers in a mix of long and short sleeve and will buy more.
For a summer base layer I use a cheap DHB mesh one from Wiggle which does the job too.

A great UK option from Manchester is produced by Lusso Cycling.
I have several base layers, both short sleeve and long sleeve too.

Really really stretchy, like a second skin, and very breathable. Washes easily, dries instantly.
Here’s the link

I have the decathlon ones and like them, very affordable too.

If you’re not needing to stay within cycling brands, underarmour makes great ones too, you can get compression ones too that would definitely fit in the “stretchy” category lol.

Another option from a UK company is SPATZWEAR, really good base layers, sleeveless, winter and a race specific one that all look too small when out of the package but stretch a lot, one of them is seamless, fits really well… (Their overshoes are also legendary)

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