Where is the Fan Stuff?

OK where is the store so we can buy TR stuff? Because I really need some of that “Get Faster” swag. :slight_smile:

TR chooses to not have a store and sell branded products. They want to keep their focus on the service and getting people faster, rather than handling gear sales. It has been requested and even suggested to offload that to outsourced companies, but at this time they don’t do that. The one exception was the early release of the forum last year, and they offered branded kits. But the sales were low and they closed the store earlier this year.

If you happen to attend an event where they are also at, they usually have a mix of products to give out (hats, t-shirts, bottles, sticker).

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You know, I’m a buy 6 black shirts every year and call it kinda guy but even I would buy their tshirts :slight_smile:


I get it, that is not what they’re in the business to do. But dang. Give the people what they want, @Nate_Pearson. :slight_smile:

It’s always a trade off. Things snowball too. So if we are distracted by some stuff it can push out things many many months. Imagine if we were just coming out with calendar :cry:. That would suck.

Also, people didn’t buy our kits :smiley:.

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I for one would love a TR mug for my morning coffee. Pity there’s not something like that available but can understand the reasons behind dedicating resourcing elsewhere.

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Well now you know, the people don’t want kits! There’s always a lesson somewhere. LOL

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Yea I’m not sure I would want a kit, but definitely TR water bottles! Can never have enough and since it is an indoor training program, why not? Its the little details that start to make the company more known, so bottles maybe some wrist/head sweatbands & towels. Again things are associated with the indoor side where the details start to enhance and make the product come full circle. Just my two cents…

I wouldn’t say no to a TrainerRoad Zwift kit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kits are incredibly personal, some people hate branded kits, some are on teams, etc etc etc

Those really clean black TR shirts that y’all wear on the podcast would probably sell pretty well though! I know I would love a nice high quality TR shirt, heck I’d take a few of em!