Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2024)

This is why I always use the tether for my garmin, we had a guy lose his Garmin head unit on the side of the road somewhere, I’m not sure if wahoo have the same system and provide a tether like Garmin do?


A much sunnier day than forecasted and I met a couple of mates at Langley Bush Corner for a ride up to the Hambleton Bakery, and I used up 2 of my 12 with a stop in the beer garden of the Haycock hotel in Wansford before the 14.5miles cycle home. It only just clouded over now after 6pm, it had been forecast to cloud over about 12pm :slight_smile:


Weather has been rainy & muggy here from Wednesday to Sunday, with more to come, but today was promised to be nice & clear (the only such day this week), so make hay, ride bikes, & all that jazz, I decided it was back to the old stomping grounds again. Same deal as the commutes last week, but this was my training route in 2004 when, to me, training meant just riding as hard as I could over the distance & trying to complete it quicker. :roll_eyes: :rofl: At that time, if I got stopped by a red light I paused my computer when I dropped below about 15mph. Moving-times for the 25 mile route were typically from 1h13’ down to 1h06’ on a good day. Today, by the same calculations it’s 1h10’37, so it’s in the ballpark. There were a few extra signalled intersections, including the turnaround point that used to be a roundabout, & I think the traffic island U-turn just before it is actually better. Labour day, so less push n suck from passing traffic, & I started an hour later than I used to. Targeted high-80s %, but the power profile is a bit messy, even taking the lights into account. I was very much riding like I used to. :rofl:

Decided I wasn’t done so I went out again. Rain forecast tomorrow so I don’t mind putting myself in a bit of a hole. I did the very busy Kedron Brook pathway from Kedron up to Nudgee Beach & back, stopping off on the way out to do some laps of a short kermesse circuit. I was surprised by headwinds on the way back. I was expecting SE but as it turned out it was from SW. It’s a long time since I’ve ridden somewhere this flat. Quite a novelty. Stunning day, & I came back caked in salt. Sauce says I can now eat 11× :doughnut:

A bit of funny business going on with the Mega XL’s altitude tracking, frequently reporting below sea level when there are no such areas around here. :person_shrugging:


A bit of a lie in for me today as its a Bank Holiday and I joined a local group in Yaxley for their social ride. Out to Upper Benefield west of Oundle. Then back to Oundle for a cafe, Then back to Yaxley via Polebrook.


Went down to Arizona to visit our daughter. Drove up to Sedona on Saturday. My kiddo got the wrong GPS coordinates for the hike we wanted - AllTrails #fail - should have realized it sooner as we were hiking up a dry creek without any real signs of a trail:

Impossible to get lost, so we kept going. Found a trail and made it to the base of the Mescal cliffs. Lots of mountain bikers, these guys were speaking French:

Thought we were hiking Fay Canyon, just above the Y in YOU ARE HERE. Trailhead was about 2 miles away from where we parked - AllTrails #fail - and we weren’t the only ones. Ran into some other hikers that were also given bad GPS coordinates of where to park.

Came down Canyon of Fools, should have gotten a pic of that. Sign at bottom explains it all:

“The uphill segment of Trail is rocky, steep, and has blind corners”

Looked like a lot of fun going down, if you have some MTB skills. Like this guy:

We walked that with our ears open. Thankfully no MTBs bombing the trail.

Stayed in Flagstaff, and decided to see the Grand Canyon again:

Really really windy, even for a Wind Warrior.


Drove almost 4 hours back to Phoenix and the Kia Soul rental car was getting blown all over the road.


Did a FTP test yesterday outside, the weather was bad and worse then forecast, way more rain. At least it wasn’t that cold with 12C… Didn’t feel that strong maybe overcooked it in the beginning but felt pretty decent for the first 20-25 minutes but then it got hard quickly and only managed 32 Minutes at 314W, still my best Power for that duration ever and Would say my FTP is probably at 310. Did 2 efforts on the way back at SS/TH for 10 min each on the way home, since I wanted to get back into the dry… I probably need a new Cheststrap the readings from my current one are now all over the place… during my effort…
Also realized that they closed of the Climb where I do my FTP efforts outdoors, which sucks because it’s the only place close enough to do 15MInutes uninterrupted and since my big Events are all climbing ones I would like to do them on HIlls.


Not a bad first part of the ride, with some good records for the year, and then just before we headed up to the moors there was a loud PING and them the sound of something repetitively hitting something else.

A broken spoke and a pretty shimmy ride with lots of hills ahead meant a slow roll back home, a shame as it was a lovely evening!


Really really Windsday group ride. Only 10 HTFU riders, the other 15-25 usual riders chickened out because the winds were brutal. 11mph at 200W full aero brutal :man_shrugging:


In Palm Springs for a cousin’s wedding, wanted to bring a bike but with a toddler there was already too much stuff. Turns out there was a beach cruiser in our rental… One ride down probably do another ride tomorrow.

Couple hikes done too. Tot loves the backpack, we actually have to hide it at home/sneak it out to the car when we plan to use it or she tries to get in. (Works great for IKEA trips too)

And some golf with my dad


Today its been 3 hours getting the backyard ready for outdoor living and some post Wed ride gatherings…

sneezing up a storm from all the dust.

Surround yourself with nature!

Switched from StrongFirst Quick&Dead to Simple this week because I got some gains, and when it comes to the Turkish Get Up I’m a



Did 4x15m threshold up a climb. Felt pretty good needed to reign myself in on the first two intervals did the first at 310 and the last one at 305. Funny is the segment time up the climb got faster each interval. Like to ride in the dusk , saw some deer and foxes.


Forget bike pics…that back yard is beautiful :star_struck:


I would really like to spend some time riding in Switzerland…need to go back.

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Folk music gathering near Nanango this weekend. Nearby is a blink-&-you-miss-it hamlet called Maidenwell which has the best rockpool & is at the foot of the Bunya Mountains, a climb & descent I’ve had my eye on for a while. So yesterday I headed to Maidenwell first & rode up the Bunyas. Quite a tough climb: The segment describing it as 7.2km at average 5.7% statistic conceals the multiple sections exceeding 15%. Then rewarded myself with some café treats, had some fun bombing the descent, had a dip at the rockpool, then fronted up to the music. (Gotta get the priorities right! :laughing:)


The usual Saturday group ride for me today. I had a delayed extreme reaction to the CT Dye in my scan last week; which saw me loose 8lb (3.6kg or 5% of my body weight :scream:). I should have at least been extra cautious as they ‘were using a new dye’. It happens to 2% of scan apparently :neutral_face: So this was my ride in a bit. It felt harder than it should have been :neutral_face:

One positive we were pretty early and got to the cafe in Oundle way before two larger groups turned up.


This thread is fascinating with people showing their rides from such different places. :slight_smile:

Yesterday we went cycling in Central Switzerland. I planned the route to visit some places I haven‘t been yet. We started in Zug (small town near a lake) and it immediately went uphill.
Photos from the city.

We are talking 15-25%, most >25%. It seems I didn‘t check the route from Komoot: After half an hour the route went on a single trail, still very steep, and there was some hiking involved.
There was some wet stone which was on the slippery side for our shoes. We got overtaken by some hikers looking at us funny. My mates lost all confidence in my planning abilities.

View back on the lake of Zug.

We made it to the top of the hill (Zugerberg) which was the transition to a plain full of greenery.

Going up again, now being above the Ägerisee (lake of Ägeri). Never seen it from so high above. It‘s also possible to see into the Alps.

Transition to the next plain: Hochmoor Rothenthurm. I have never been there, but everywhere around it. That‘s why I planned to visit it. Hard to explain how the fauna and flora looked a bit different than I was used to.

The next part was 50min of cycling down full-on to the lake of Zurich. What fun after all the climbing. And then back home to the city.


First day of the year it’s been warm enough to ride in short sleeves! Gotta enjoy it while I can, before smoke season starts. I’m also extremely glad the National Park Service paved the Moose-Wilson Road so it’s finally possible to do the full grand loop around Grand Teton National Park on a road bike:


Lol, one of those mornings where I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my shoulders. About 5mins after going to bed last night I realised I had forgotten to fill my bottle. Remembered that in the morning (the bottle fill) but I think I was too occupied with what to wear. Any exposure to the breeze makes my hands and feet go numb, even on a good day. But it was forecast to be hot and sunny and on a gravel bike there’s not much breeze :thinking: So went with shorts and short sleeves from the start.

I was about to head out the door when I realised I had forgotten the HRM, no time for that. Then I realised I had forgotten to charge the Garmin, no time for that either. After I locked the front door I noticed the front wheel had went down overnight, back in for a track pump. Pumped the tyre up and cycled off to the meet. I got half way down the street when I realised I had forgotten my sunglasses. I prefer eye protection so I doubled back for them. After collecting them I was a bit further down the street when I realised I only had a pump and a tube, no tyre levers, CO2 cannister or multi tool. No time to double back yet again I thought and Id have to rely on the sealant doing its job. Thankfully on hindsight it did.

So that gave me little time to get to the meet, so I threw caution to the wind and went at a stupid pace along the bridleways to the meet.

Had a blast with one of my mates for around 30miles. I was energy spent so I had a cafe stop. I had intended to go straight home, but I decided it was too nice and went for a bit of a bimble.


A recovery week for me (albeit my club TT is tomorrow) but I fancied a group ride. Lol, it bucketed this afternoon and only me another person turned up for what turned out to be an almost perfect evening. Home to Yaxley to Farcet to Pondersbridge to Ramsey St Mary to Holme (where my ride partner left). The official route went up Holme Road to Yaxley but I went out to the old A1 and missed the London Road Yaxley junction out and home. I strayed out of zone to avoid getting soaked at the end when it threatened to turn torrential again but the shower lasted less than a minute.


A 9sec PB for my club TT :sunglasses: