Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2024)

Loudon 1725 Gravel Grinder
Loudon, VA

Was a much tougher course than expected, but nice to ride the quiet gravel roads of Loudon County. I probably would have been better off doing the 60 miler, as that is where my fitness is, apparently. Was doing fine until the 3 1/2 hour point, then really started to struggle. A small bag of Doritos at the last aid station really helped - guess I should increase the amount of electrolytes I consume on these longer rides.

Anyway, there was a “small” stream crossing around mile 40. Turned out to be 2 - 2 1/2 feet deep! I was in a much too hard of a gear and almost toppled in the creek but managed to save it some how.

No rain was forecast but we got hit by two somewhat hard showers with a bunch of sprinkling in between during the last hour. The rain is probably why the bike looks relatively clean.

Now, off to eat everything in sight!