Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2024)

I dont think I went hard enough on yesterdays TT, a 15miles TT which turned out to be 15.4miles, perhaps I was saving something for this Auld Pals - An Evening with the Stars of Still Game - New Theatre Peterborough

Surprisingly after 4-5hours kip I woke quite fresh for this:

The great company helped :+1:


Loudon 1725 Gravel Grinder
Loudon, VA

Was a much tougher course than expected, but nice to ride the quiet gravel roads of Loudon County. I probably would have been better off doing the 60 miler, as that is where my fitness is, apparently. Was doing fine until the 3 1/2 hour point, then really started to struggle. A small bag of Doritos at the last aid station really helped - guess I should increase the amount of electrolytes I consume on these longer rides.

Anyway, there was a “small” stream crossing around mile 40. Turned out to be 2 - 2 1/2 feet deep! I was in a much too hard of a gear and almost toppled in the creek but managed to save it some how.

No rain was forecast but we got hit by two somewhat hard showers with a bunch of sprinkling in between during the last hour. The rain is probably why the bike looks relatively clean.

Now, off to eat everything in sight!


Long slow day into the mountains here in Boulder, Colorado - super fortunate to have the scenery we do. Been enjoying the base season weather this Spring and into Summer, and mornings like this one were exceptionally pleasant - snowy mountains in sight, but comfortably warm in a s/s jersey, bib shorts, and gilet.

For the ride, was targeting about 3.5 to 4 hours, hoping to keep the heart rate and power steady [in z1-z2] getting up to over 10K feet above sea level. I enter a recovery week this week, and then onto Base 3 (and month 3 in a 7 month Polarized plan).


330 watts for FOUR miles per hour on that second climb… ouch! Beautiful place to ride though! :star_struck:


Did my last hard long ride before the Marmotte, had to cut the climb to the Wildspitz short, since I started a bit to late because of some work obligations I had to take care of. Tried to get the rest of the Sweet Spot in during the way back, but there was a lot more traffic then expected and a lot of Construction work with additional traffic lights, stil got about the Tiz in that I wanted but with shorter Intervals… Felt good especially considering the low cadence I had to do on the climb (the first 5k avarage 11%, but most of it is 12-13% with section up to 18%. Did .78 IF for 5 Hours, pretty happy with that.


Worked from home and had put my road tires on the Crocket after my tubeless incident last week ruined my gravelkings, so hit up a local monday night group ride. Only 4 people total but fun to get out and explore the area. Funny getting home seeing the map and realizing you were not riding where you thought you were, thought we were northeast of the airport the whole time.


35C / 95F in the garage, 45 minutes of StrongFirst Plan 015:


then 82 minutes of easy riding:

found Joseph and rode with him for about 10 minutes.

Today is forecast to be 39C / 102F - used to hate being outside in the heat, now I ride easy and love it.


Looks amazing :star_struck:
Best of luck at the Marmotte :muscle:t2:


Holiday time in Majorca tried a new (for me) route today taking in the North side of Col de Soller and then a loop via Esporda and up over the Cold de Claret.

Used the two main climbs as pacing-practice for the upcoming Dragon ride; so aimed to sit-in at around high to mid sweetspot (on average) but with ramps up over threshold where the gradient dictated, but easing back to gain a little recovery when things flattened off a bit.

Felt like I nailed the pacing on both climbs and really enjoyed the route :grin:


Today was Tour de Suisse stage 3 near where I live, so we went to take a look near the finish line. I took my dear-to-me very special city bike: An old Peugeot singlespeed which looks likes it could fall apart every moment (it may do actually) with rusty chain and tape on the handle bar. My bike was in big contrast to the bikes of the other viewers - in full kit, bikes in the 5000€+ territory :joy: (it was an easy 20min ride from the city to the finish, cmon).

We waited for the peloton in one of the last important corners before the sprint. Here you see Marc Hirschi in a solo break away (since the last climb). I‘m not going to spoiler if he made it.

Summary from europsport: https://youtu.be/-KrpSwl_beU?si=8S85plfvoarHQfwG

Here a video of the peloton: Dropbox

Then we went to the finish line to catch a bit of the atmosphere. Man those bikes :star_struck:

So many team buses!

Riders cooling down on the turbo and on the streets.

Coronation of the most aggressive rider.

We received bottles from a team car. Since they were full, we took a sip. It was a sweet sports mix. I loved it! Is it common knowledge what the teams use?

The ride home was an easy 15-20 minutes ride down.

@Morzak I love the route around the Ägerisee. It‘s one of my go to „long rides“ (since not too much altitude), however I usually take the way through the forest back to Unterägeri (doable with a road bike despite being forest path). But your route is actually nicer since you see more of Central Switzerland. :slight_smile: Nice pictures!


so much fun! We had the Tour of California here in my hometown, twice, the last 2 years before it disappeared.

No pics today, it was 38C / 100F for both of these practice sessions:

Back from my season break!


Crikey!! Meanwhile I enjoyed 11°C / 52°F for a meander around my usual loop. Very much enjoying all the moss around the place :heart_eyes: & enjoying even more that it’s generally only on the verges & rock walls, & not on the roadway! And I just realised looking at the photos, perhaps not the most appropriate kit today though… it’s almost camo-wear. :pensive: Maybe different if I was racing on closed roads & wanted to try a breakaway where vanishing into the scenery might be beneficial. :smiling_imp:


RLGL has me yellow today so I kept it down to 62/55% to emulate Epaulet. Pretty proud of myself keeping the power spikes down & work interval NP close to AP on open roads without holding up traffic, but traffic was pretty good. I think max 278w is a record low.

Somehow felt easier than Altair yesterday which I did on a recumbent in the gym & is both lower intensity & shorter. Perhaps because of no cooling there, or maybe even inaccuracies between power meters. I always seem to find stationary trainer workouts harder than just doing them on road. I think I just enjoy being on road more.


I can’t wait to go to the Cali coast and ride in some 16C / 61F temperatures!


Presuming that’s Norcal for this time of the year?

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I’m partial to the central coast.


Thanks Majorca looks great too decently a place I want to ride in the future. Goods luck with the dragon ride.

Run an errand and combined it with a ready Z2 ride totally forgot that the tour the Suisse was passing by managed to catch it. They were just cruising seemed like a easy start to the stage.

@greenbike yeah I like the loop I mostly do it around the Zugersee makes for an good 4h ride. Looked like a fin experience at the finish wanted to go on Monday but had an appointment come up :pensive:


I think it got to that temperature in the UK during middle of a chemotherapy cycle and I did look funny in full leg skins and arm skins (arm and leg warmer appearance) but I was the perfect temperature and it shielded my then weak skin from the UV.


Just some Z2 today, but decided to go outside and risk traffic when I saw how low the humidity was. It’s incredible how much cooler it feels with only 75% humidity instead of our normal 90%. Caught a few long traffic lights, but far too many cars to do anything but wait.


Mellow early morning ride with some fog coming up out of the valley.



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